Chester the Twisted Liepard by ReidoRaichu

Chester the Twisted Liepard


26 April 2015 at 17:29:11 MDT

A new character of mine made because i was feeling both sadistic and fun and kinda crazy all at the same time.

This is Chester the (Cheshire) Liepard

He is a bit of a unique character. His body is near immortal...course he can have parts of his body destroyed which is why his body is a patchwork of different liepard body parts. both regular and shiny.

He feels very little pain but his body constantly feels pleasure and he gets a sick kick out of seeing what limits his body can withstand from stuffing himself with food till his seams burst or just ramming a nail or two...or 10 into him as you can see in his foot and wrist.

Course he is not a total sadist and masochist all the time. he is a fun loving trickster who enjoys messing around with others as well as telling funny (if not confusing riddles) and has a habit of using his "agility" and "double team" to make himself vanish and reappear all over the place to mess with people.

Course one of his favorite things to do is stuff people full of food and play games with them heck he even will feed himself just to grow along with his victim just to feel what they are feeling (although in a very perverse and twisted manner)

Btw unless you are a liepard you are in no danger from him if he ends up accidentally popping you. He can uses his magic to revert you to normal...if your a Liepard however...consider yourself spare body parts for him~

Anyway i had a lotta fun making this guy. he was hard to make but rewarding to see finished ;;


Chester the Liepard (c) ReidoRaichu