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Fat 'n Fancy Mog Knight by ReidoRaichu

Fat 'n Fancy Mog Knight


23 May 2016 at 22:18:56 MDT

So this was an idea that i wanted to draw for a while but never managed to get it done untill today.

So Basically i love the moogles from the Final Fantasy tactics series (specifically Advance and A2) and i just found the different classes awesome and adorable looking. so i decided to turn myself into a moogle. specifically a Mog Knight with the fanciest of outfits to show off. To be honest i have a thing for fatties in fancy attire and this suited my needs perfectly.

May try to get more done with him in the future if i ever get any cash. but of you wanna draw something with him thats great as well~

anyway Enjoy the cute n fancy fatty Moogle Kupo~

Reido the Moogle © ReidoRaichu