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20 May 2019 at 17:21:56 MDT

A little thank you thumbsup for someone who sent me a heartfelt anonymous message about "how you said that some of us are just lonely I felt that in my soul and I wanted to thank you for being able to put that into a communicable format thank you".

You're welcome.

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    OoOh, them feels, man, - "fur" sure, superb. <3

    ~ I myself, amn't quite your quiet admirerer, heh, but rather someone whose works of whom which, I'm caught afew times' over on WEASYL's front/ homepage; always I've been but then so, of enamored taken-in and drawn into, unto your arts and their well-worths of wordsakes! C:

    [So] Seein' your worked output tofro, has too unto me myself, left an stapled impression, of your's kindly, kin of an seldom soul, and oft be it you, an kindness beyond compare, and a rarity amongst our web-mongorinc. <3
    The depths of which your splayed subjects touch upon, be it more of so whether artful 'r its written wordsakes 'longs it, are but so an sobering caress onto the senses, sensations and ones' sentimentality,

    whereast whenst now watchin' you, (finally?),
    I feel as if I grow, emotionally, by each and every post of yours, [...] for it's a true delight to partake your works of the wisened wisdoms hereat held withinsth, ah, for what you do, is so wonderfully filled with character and its reflective condition,

    it's always an humbling behold (your 'load),
    so keep at it 'tygrr', yer'ah blast 'n' a blessin' to watch~! ;3

    XO yo

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      Thank you kindly for the lovely message! I sincerely appreciate it and hope you enjoy what's to come. (:

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        Surely sos, indeed I will, mistah Tygah;
        ~you're GRRRREEAAT! * •said so, in my li'l Tony voice• *, heh. C:

        [And] So too know, that were'd my economics moreso bettered 'en now (richer), I'd 've easily considered some commish arts of ya, were I only not so piss-poor anowadays, hah..! - 'tis atleast you're in my thoughts of so, nonetheless my economy aside. ^^;;