Feline Friends 6 by RedstripeCougar

Feline Friends 6


12 July 2016 at 14:01:08 MDT

Well, after a while we came to a particularly beautiful and fragrant meadow, and Snow Mew asked if we could get out and walk. We did, and as usual, I began talking. I'm not sure what I'm talking about in this picture--quite likely either cars or computers. Whatever it was, Snow Mew was an eager conversationalist and was almost as interested in the topic as I was.

Please note that I retouched this picture slightly using MS Paint quite a while ago (it's over a year old, I think, as of the date of this submission). This was in an attempt to fix some flaws caused by the crappy pencils I had to use to color my fur in the picture. My good pencil set hasn't nearly as many colors as I'd like... maybe I should buy some more, since I do prefer traditional media over the computer when it comes to drawing. I don't have a graphics tablet, and drawing with the mouse is awkward. Hmmm...

P.S. I suck at drawing meadows--or at least, I did back then. Or maybe I just got lazy.

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