An Asexual Anthem by RedScotFox

An Asexual Anthem


12 July 2014 at 21:16:26 MDT

First off, I'd like to say that I wanted to write something for that one percent of people that I am a part of. Yes, the asexuals which you should have guessed by the title. Anyways, I wrote this to the tune of March of Cambreadth which was played at AnthroCon Tonight at AnthroCon 2014, you'll remember it if you were there for that. The song had been stuck in my head and I ended up writing this little piece to the tune of that song.

I really mean that this is meant to be an anthem to Asexuals who feel alone and afraid or are persecuted for their sexuality. We often go forgotten and seem to be nonexistent to a great many people, even those within the LGBTQI can forget about us, or even worse be at fault for the persecution. Anyways, this is for all those out there who are asexual and suffering. If I could put this to song I would, but unfortunately, that isn't my talent. I write, others sing.

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    I actually really love and relate to this. I can't even begin to say how many times I have been called weird and such. Is asexuality such a rare and taboo thing? Like, God. I don't find a lot of asexuals...I can only think of one I have ever really met in person. She was a nice gal.

    As for the actual piece of poetry. I had actually read the piece even before listening to the song, and I'll have you know that I got that sort of anthem-y, battlecry feel. It comes off as really empowering, and I love that. I love you, hahaha.


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    A purple reverse triangle and a paw? This is kinda gay. You know, second world war, gay people with a pink reverse triangle. You should try something like an hexagon instead. And purple is the color of madness. I'm pretty sure that not all asexual people are both crazy and gay :p