Safety Lane: Wesley (inks) by RedSavage (critique requested)

Safety Lane: Wesley (inks) (critique requested)


5 December 2014 at 22:21:20 MST

"Though, honestly, I could give a shit less. I'm just a third through a twelve month rotation with six weeks off at the end of the year. So you can just wait your cherry-ass at Hospitality."

Meet Wes! He works at a safety lane somewhere between Jupiter and the asteroid belt. Basically all the space carriers come through. They get scanned. If they good, they go through the asteroid belt. If they no good, then they ain't going anywhere till Wes (and an as of yet unnamed character) gets 'em fixed.

He pisses a lot of people off (hence the missing fang), but his patience is only surpassed a mechanical sense of OCD. Even if it -was- legal to let space-carriers through with damages, he'd tie the driver up and fix the carrier anyway. It's for their own good.

Soooo yeah! Been quiet lately cause I've been trying to refine a sense of space and form with my drawings. Spending more time on them and detailing them. And this is what came out!

Peace out y'all!


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