Jamey's Surprise <3 by Red_n_Yuki

Jamey's Surprise <3


16 May 2018 at 22:55:50 MDT

Jamey is on stage, singing her heart out in her cute pink maid's outfit: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/27074800/ when she bends over, to give a little fanservice to her audience. As her short, fluffy skirt and petticoats lifts up, it shows her surprise... a thick, pink heart-printed diaper~ The singing kitty blushes as she notices her fan's eyes draw to her crinkly rump, but she keeps singing, giving her padded butt a little bounce as she continues her routine.

No doubt, by the end of the show, she'll be soaked, but she'll love every moment of it.

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    Love those lockable heels!

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      They're locked on in her dressing room, and she has to wear them all night. The master likes to see her in very high heels, and the locks make sure they're never removed while she's working, and it also means he personally gets to put them on her, and take them off each night.

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        So jealous... Hehe. :)

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          Me too <3 I like to imagine that all of Yuki's (and a lot of Jamey's) wardrobe has locks. shoes, skirts, dresses, all lock in place <3

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            So much want. ;)

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              Me too! And I think the level of trust that you'd need in your partner to trust them to lock you into every outfit is really sweet. <3

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                Oh yes, I know only my closest friends would get the privilege. :)

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                  Same here, but I'd like it if they were strict with the keys <3