The Singing Maid <3 by Red_n_Yuki

The Singing Maid <3


16 May 2018 at 22:55:11 MDT

Something fun I put together recently to help get me back into drawing after taking a few weeks off. I've done 2 versions of this, one traditionally inked over the original sketch, and one doing the lightboard method I've been using for the last month or so. Inking on the sketch is more precise, but lightboard inking is much faster, and easier on my hands. (and I don't have to do nearly as much cleanup of the artwork before posting.

The story behind this picture is that the master of the estate that employs Becca and the other maids is out on the town, and stops in at a local bar or nightclub to get a drink. While there, he sees Jamey and her band performing on stage. Perhaps he enjoys her music enough that he meets with her backstage after the show, and offers to pay for the recording studio time needed to record an album (which would greatly improve Jamey's music career) provided she'd sign a contract to do occasional private shows for him.

I think that Jamey would sign enthusiastically. She loves to perform, and she'd love to record an album with her band.

When she gets to the estate, she finds that during her private shows, she's also contracted as one of the Master's maids. She wouldn't be required to do any housework, cleaning, etc. But she would be expected to serve drinks before and after her show, and perhaps during breaks between sets. Being sweet and flirty with master and guests would be encouraged, but not contractually required. Excellent service would of course get her generous tips. As a maid, she would be expected to address master/guests as sir/madam, curtsey with greetings. She'd also be expected to do the same with the head maid, and higher ranking house staff.

As a "performing" maid, instead of a working maid, she'd get a slightly different uniform. Shorter skirt, poofier petticoat to show off her legs. An apron decorated with music notes and her name embroidered on it in script. She'd be allowed (even expected) to have more elaborate hairstyles that wouldn't be typical of working house maids. She'd be issued higher heels than the working maids as well.

I could see the typical show day being her showing up at the estate, where she'd be allowed use of a private dressing room to get dolled up. She'd have another house maid to assist her. Afterwards, she'd meet with master and guests where she'd greet them individually, serve them drinks, and make small talk with them before the show. Afterwards she'd take the stage and perform a selection of her songs.. perhaps even a few requests from master/guests. After the show, she'd take a short break, before returning to serve drinks, and have a chat session with the master/guests where she'd also sign autographs, pose for photos, etc.

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    I bet she's a most popular maid!

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      Mhm! She's her master's little "songbird" who performs on command. Jamey loves to sing and perform, and I think she enjoys serving the drinks and curtsying to each guest that comes to these private shows.

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        Who wouldn't love such a wonderful performance?

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          I'm sure that Jamey looks forward to each performance <3