Lucy's back! by Red_n_Yuki

Lucy's back!


12 February 2017 at 01:53:08 MST

Those of you who've known me a long time (a very long time) probably remember a time when I was really into opossum characters. Well, I still do like them! I have several opossum characters of my own. But I haven't drawn any of them in years.

Well, a friend on twitter today requested that I draw my 'possum girl. And it got me thinking, and I decided that I would draw her again. I did a little checking... the last time I drew Lucy was in 2011. So she's not been out to play in 5 years! Drawing her felt great. She needed the love, and looking at her now (vs how she looked when I drew her in 2011) I can really see how my art has improved.

I do think that Lucy will stick around! I get the feeling that she is good friends with Jamey, my cougar. They share a lot of interests. I could see her working with Red. Lucy's a southern girl who was raised in the country. She can drive a tractor, clean fish (she loves to fish) and works on cars. When she's not getting dirty, she cleans up pretty cute too, I think! She likes to read, listens to goth music, and shares her sense of style with Jamey. Lucy is can be witty and sarcastic. I drew her in a Halloween themed outfit because its her favorite holiday... and who cares if Halloween was last week? She's 5 years late in being drawn. She can wear last week's dress. XD

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