Red the Yoshi by RedImpLight

Red the Yoshi


28 December 2014 at 22:36:41 MST

Son I'm about to woop your ass

Despite the fact I havn't been able to play ssbb4 for a few weeks due to a busy schedule... Inspirations gracefully struck me across the cranium. Why not make my main smash fighter into a character? Reasons? yes.

Red is a hotheaded ruthless brawler, but one hell of a sore loser. She doesn't go easy on anyone, and never relies on anyone during a team match. Her speed, agility, and above average leg strength makes her a dangerous opponent. But it's her temperament that makes her a deadly one.
Her career in smash was a slow rise, like everyone else she was nothing special as a rookie. With time, her anger and frustration fueled her resolve to become a better fighter. Dedicating her time to training and sparing against opponents far beyond her skill level (level 9s, if you will). After countless losses, bruises, and grief, Red perfected her techniques and battle strategies. Defeating even the most skilled opponents that had easily bested her before.
After her increase in victories, she became more and more egotistical and violent. Convinced she could never be defeated in a brawl match, she started entering worldwide tournaments. Long story short, she's eliminated in the first few rounds, but not after humiliating herself with a temper tantrum fit enough for even Bowser Jr when she's defeated.
She has a koopa shell fitted as a helmet to increase her smash power.

tbh I love her already x-x
(I'm ignoring all comments asking for a smash battle btw :p I avoid competitive battles at all costs)

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