Digitization! by redflare500



19 May 2016 at 04:20:42 MDT

I wanted to see what would happen if I put Charlotte in a machine that compressed her digitally back through the -bit systems of the past, this is what happened!

(Cut text I was going to include)

"This is the final report on the 'Digitization Project' which was completed this morning. As of now, subject known as 'Charlotte' is enjoying life as a blissfully ignorant piece of code in a hacked Gameboy. Challenge to bring her back to the corporeal world begins next week, not that she'd notice in this state anyway.

Levels were performed as expected, subject first entered the 'PlayStation' Level (as we dubbed it, being 32-bits) moments into the sequence. She enjoyed 72 hours as a low-poly render in the test game world before Level 2 began.

Losing a dimension seemed to drastically alter the subject, almost immediately halving their dexterity and 'sentience'.

'Charlotte' began spouting pre-programmed phrases around 30 minutes into Level 2, 8-bit existance, mostly about how pressing her buttons made her clean, wanting people to move her around, buy stuff from her... the usual text. Before soon she fully broke down into simple binary code, bleeping in Level 3.

After 2 days in the Digitizer it finally hit the maximum level. Compressing the subject beyond the realms of normality, down into what can only be described as a 'Tetrimino', the building blocks of video game code. Unable to contact with 'it' further, we decided to end the test.

7/10, would play again."

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