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Glacies's Halloween Town form by Red Dragonette

Glacies's Halloween Town form

Red Dragonette

Originally uploaded on Oct 31, 2020

Last time of Glacies in her HT form on Weasyl was this picture:

For this picture, I drew the same outfit with her actual hairstyle. I defied gravity there with the hair, but only because I drew her up straight on paper before I had to tilt her in Krita. The right leg being transparent is because she's going through the wall. She can't actually fly in the story, but I did that as a play on her being a ghost. And lastly, the wall's texture came from this website: . I had planned to draw out my own wallpaper texture, but that would have taken time and I didn't have a unique style in mind.

Glacies (c) me
Kingdom Hearts (c) Square-Enix and Disney