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Disney's Grilled Cheese Sandwich by Red Dragonette

Disney's Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Red Dragonette

Originally uploaded on May 16, 2020

I got the desire to make this after watching this recipe video:

I went grocery shopping last year to get the ingredients needed to make this sandwich. I had a hard time finding the garlic spread in every store I went to; none of them were selling it. By the time I got home, the heavy cream had melted, but it was still used in the ingredient to make that mixed cheese spread. My mom, who was with me at the time, made the cheese spread. I'm not sure if she blended it like how it was in the video as I had gone back out onto the road to buy a tiny keyblade collectible from a local game shop. And to make up for the lack of real garlic spread, butter was softened in the microwave and mixed with garlic powder. So while I was preparing the sandwiches to be cooked, I used more cheese spread than necessary, which is why sandwiches looked like that in the photo. After they were done, I ate the food and it was good. But I only ate one of the slices since the too much cheese made it more filling, I think. I was so full that I had to save the other slice for another day.

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