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Ancient Kingdom Hearts: The First Masters chp. 18 by Red Dragonette (critique requested)

Ancient Kingdom Hearts: The First Masters chp. 18 (critique requested)

Red Dragonette

Originally uploaded on Dec 31, 2018

I was going to get this done on Christmas, but it took too long to get finished. So I decided to move my due date to the end of December. And I was also going to add more scenes here, but I felt that would have gone over the limit to making a chapter on So I'll just split the day into two chapters. The rest will be on Chapter 19.

Glacies, Chase, Kumo, Nemo, Etutu, Bihai, Amelia, Joseph and Roland (c) me
Zephyr, Leohart and Hitomi (c) psyshock (this is her profile: )
Touketsu (c) Blackout1233 (this is his profile: )

Kingdom Hearts (c) Disney and Square-Enix

Keyblade War RP was made by Psyshock, but unfortunately it no longer exists as the RP died from inactivity years ago.

Keyblade War arc
Intro -
Chapter 1 -

A Month's Peace arc
Chapter 16 -
Chapter 17 -
Chapter 18 - Here!
Chapter 19 -
Chapter 20 -
Chapter 21 -
Chapter 22 -

Chasing LimeX arc
Chapter 23 -

Light's Retribution arc
Chapter 34 -