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Dragon Rage: The First War (IDoNotExist's giftstory 1) by Red Dragonette (critique requested)

Dragon Rage: The First War (IDoNotExist's giftstory 1) (critique requested)

Red Dragonette

Originally uploaded on Dec 16, 2016

The Equilists is an anti-dragon group that picknick10 created in the RP. The only time we ever saw them, or rather one of them, was when Nick and Akuma confronts their member. You'll see that man in one of the future giftstories, though it'll probably take some years before we get there.

Facts that might not be mentioned later
-Flamanti is only in the city because she is following Eric and Rick.
-The inn that Rick dropped Eric at is not the same as the one he is staying at.

Eric, Blaze and Charles (c) IDoNotExist (this is his profile: )
Kaitlyn (c) me
Rina and Raven (c) UberCatSR from Deviant Art
Rick (c) LordTorch18 (this is his profile: )
Flamanti (c) Corinnycat (this is her profile: )

You can see the RP at this following link:

Great War: Dragons vs Humans (c) picknick10
Story written by me
Dragon Cave (c) TJ09 (a.k.a. T.J. Lipscomb)

List of chapters
Prologue -
Chapter 1 -
Chapter 26 -
Chapter 51 -

Table of Giftstories -