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Lucina and Yarne as siblings by Red Dragonette

Lucina and Yarne as siblings

Red Dragonette

Originally uploaded on Apr 7, 2015

I had a bit of a hard time trying to draw a taguel, so I traced Lucina's beast form over a Youtube video that I paused; the falchion was added to make it look more like Lucy here. So once I had draw Lucina, drawing another shifted taguel (Yarne) became easier for me to do by myself.

Why Lucina doesn't have rabbit ears in human form? Well it's because I wanted her to be different from the other taguel!Lucinas that people drew and make her be more like the taguel!Morgan in the game. Also since was Easter at the time, I decided to have her hold an egg with Naga's mark on it. As for Yarne, his fur color won't be blue like his sister's; it'll just be his original brown color. Lastly, his right leg looks kind of short, but that's because I was trying to go for a protruding perspective, hence why I made his foot bigger than the other.

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