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Ancient Kingdom Hearts: The First Masters Chp. 13 by Red Dragonette (critique requested)

Ancient Kingdom Hearts: The First Masters Chp. 13 (critique requested)

Red Dragonette

Originally uploaded on Oct 31, 2013

About the part where Amelia went to work; I’ll admit, I didn’t do my research on health and diseases before posting on the RP, but we can say the Esuna spell did an excellent job of making the illness less severe, right?

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Zephyr, Konan and Leohart (c) Psyshock (this is her profile: )
Glacies, Chase, Etutu, Amelia and Bihai (c) me
LimeX (c) FaelaArts from Deviant Art
Sakura and Lucifer the gargoyle (c) ShadowNekoSakura (this is her profile: )
Jack Skellington, Zero, the mayor, Lock, Shock and Barrel (c) Disney

Kingdom Hearts © Square-Enix and Disney
story (C) me

Keyblade War RP is made by Psyshock, but unfortunately it no longer exists as the RP died from inactivity.