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Fur Fighters Halloween by Red Dragonette

Fur Fighters Halloween

Red Dragonette

Originally uploaded on Nov 1, 2009

It was late, because I was too busy getting my hair washed, playing Pokemon Pearl, and trying to get a vampire egg on Dragon Cave. Anyway here are the descriptions on what I think about the Fur Fighter characters I drew.

Roofus: Some of you may probably think he'd be better dressed as a werewolf, since wolves are related to dogs. But I think he'd look awesome as a vampire and he does!

Juliette: She had her fur painted black because black cats are more closely related to Halloween than the other colors. I liked her the best, because black fur is beautiful and her purple witch costume is pretty.

Bungalow: I got nothing to say about him.

Chang: I still can't draw fire, even ghost fires. But Chang still looked pretty good in my perspective.

Rico: He's not blue because frankensteins are green.

Tweek: I didn't like how he came out to be. This was my first time drawing a skeleton and it looks horrible. Boy, won't Tweek burn me for this.

Fur Fighters (C) Bizarre Creations

Just thought I'd give the fur fighters some attentions since the game didn't sell very well, although it was a really good and fun game.