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Winterpaw 'Humanoid' Concept by Red Dragonette

Winterpaw 'Humanoid' Concept

Red Dragonette

7 September 2021 at 16:25:51 MDT

Originally uploaded on Mar 21, 2009

This is a concept art of Crowpaw's twin sister, Winterpaw. The kitten on the left is her younger seld, Winterkit, and the cat girl on the right is her present self. Here's a description of her items.

Moon Bow & Arrow: This is Winterpaw's special weapon, which made by the ancient lunar cat tribe and passed down from her father. Unlike her brother who's a swordsman, she is an archer. The Moon Bow contains the one of the three light elements, moonlight, which does double damage to dark-type monsters (I know this doesn't make sense since moonlight is considered a dark element in most fantasy media, but that's how it is in my upcoming comic series, Warrriors Moon & Sun).

Silver Bracelets: These are Winterpaw's everyday accessories. She never leaves home without them.

Baby Bib: This is a bib that Winterkit wore whenever she was being fed baby food. Sometimes it'll have spilled food, juice, or milk on it.

Warriors (C) Erin Hunter
Winterpaw (C) Me

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