Alien Octopus [OPEN] by RedDiamondVespa

Alien Octopus [OPEN]


14 March 2016 at 16:37:54 MDT

Once upon a time I made this character for an OCT that I flopped out of and not even as a main character.. He drove the train. But I've got no use for him and want money so.... -gestures- ..... ???

Comment to claim
NO TRADES [Maybe trades if you can offer something that interests me]
I will accept Holds as long as you can give me an accurate estimate of when you can pay [Will only hold for a WEEK maximum]
PAYPAL ONLY [Send as payment for services]
First come, first serve
Once you buy him he's all yours-- you can change aspects of his design in any way you see fit, even gender, species, etc.
The Adopt may be resold at a later time by the purchaser for no more than what was originally paid-- However if you've created additional art of the character you may offer it to a prospective buyer separately for your own separate price.
This adoptable can only be resold for the $30 you paid for him/this piece of art.
All rights belong to you once purchased, you can use this design commercially.
You only need to credit me for the original design once i.e. when you first submit your own work of him-- But all repostings of THIS artwork must be properly sourced.

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