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X-Muppet Legacy by ReDaDillio

X-Muppet Legacy


Well this took up my whole drawing schedule today.

My second attempt at drawing on a blank cover (first being the Zero Hero #0 Parallax Deedee) and this time it was on a cover that was MEANT to be drawn on. And let me tell you this one was a whole lot easier to work with.

X-Men Legacy, one of the few blank ones I can find on the cheap. I knew nothing of the story and found it difficult to come up with an idea for this one. So with any tough question the answer was Muppets. Muppets.



Legion/Crazy Harry

Prof X/Pepe

Cyclops/Kermit the Frog

Miss Piggy/Emma Frost



Rogue/Skeeter (Comic version)





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    This is such a riot I don't even know where to begin!

    You know since Disney owns Marvel and The Muppets this could happen one day. And you beat them to it.

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      I was thinking of Disney owning Muppets now, but I don't think this type of crossover is as easy as one would think. Muppets have been marketed as a childrens' property as of late and placing them on the covers of Marvel comics which are more Teen/Teen-Plus oriented may entice an unintended younger audience.

      But it would be awesome if they did.

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        Though it's been a number of years, they did do Muppet Treasure Island which is hardly usually a kids' story. And on the DC side of things, those heroes have been tamed down a bit for the Lego stories. Perhaps X-Men could be tamed down to Muppet standards by a talented writer or two.