Fresh from Pizza Wolf by Redacteur

Fresh from Pizza Wolf


7 January 2017 at 01:42:31 MST

They're students at a cartoon college, so they can tumble and run in any way and not get hurt. They're excited for their first cel-shaded pizza :9

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    Pizza Time!
    Hope they aren't getting too overzealous with that soda though :0

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      They'd better let it settle a bit after the tumbling it's about to go through!

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    what whimsical posing!

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      These are their natural, relaxed "pizza expressions."

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    i love this, it conveys that kind of strangely grand emotion that i associate with getting food i really want when i'm hungry, like "why is this causing my heart to flutter a bit, it's just food... but i'm so happy right now". like, the easiest comparison i can make to it is the feeling of childlike excitement when i realize the waiter is bringing food to MY table, and i suddenly can't pay attention to the conversation i'm in quite as well

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      Oh, I totally understand. Food is such a joy! But pizza is such a treat, I can't help but get excited~

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    I'm trying to picture the move that the pop bottle wolf is doing to get him in that pose, and I'm loving it.