Take Two, looking good by Recurrent

Take Two, looking good


12 July 2016 at 13:56:00 MDT

After the first head I tried to fix it a bit and it is looking better but I did eventually decide to start fresh and make an entirely new head. And it is a HUGE improvement over the previous head that I made.

Over all I think the form is looking pretty good now. The only foam change I am going to make (unless someone sees something I don't, in which case PLEASE let me know) which I noticed while taking the photos is the balance the bottom jaw sicne it seems the front of the jaw is slanted a bit too right so I will be adding to the left side a bit.

I think I will be adding the hooded eye lids for this one, who do you guys think?

I am still not really sure if I am going to add her hair, or how I would even do that. Does anyone have any tips for fursuit hair?

As always I'm still pretty new to the world of fursuiting, if you have any suggestions, tips, advice or other comments please let me know!

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