Let's Space by Reconcile

Let's Space


23 May 2018 at 12:59:14 MDT

So, I haven't made anybody a mix in years, but it's always something I've had a ton of fun doing. Trying to combine selecting a set of artists the person will like with selecting the right songs for their music tastes, making sure the songs are ordered in a way that sounds good but also tells a coherent story with lyrics from different writers, bringing out themes through echoing certain elements, and making sure the overall effect says what you want it to, which can be hard given how many songs are just swooning about some previous, present, or future love. So many landmines to avoid when trying to convey anything else!

I really missed the act of making mixes, but most people over the last decade generally dislike the music I like or just aren't very enthusiastic about finding new genres/artists, so I was really caught off guard in a great way when I started talking to jive jive about his jams! I decided to make one a long while ago, which I meant to but couldn't, unfortunately, pass off at FWA. When I revisited it with less urgency I started thinking about how to send it and... Got a little carried away lol

I'm really happy with how it came out, and open to making CD's like this as commissions! I haven't sold any commissions to furries at all yet so I don't know how to price things, but if you're interested, let know what your budget is and we can figure something out :)

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