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RWBY OC - Viorel Mythos by RebelMyth

RWBY OC - Viorel Mythos


Name: Viorel Mythos
Age: 22
Gender: genderqueer - goes by male or neutral pronouns (He/his, they/them)
Race: Faunus, mongoose
Affiliation(s): Beacon Academy, The Void Kings

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 147 llbs
Eye Colour: amber brown, mongoose pupil and colour
Hair: blond, just past shoulder, kinda curly.
Usually left out loose, its v mane like
Sometimes tied back in a loose, low pony tail, lotta fly-away hairs b/c some strands aren't long enough to be tied back.

Faunus aspect: Tail is that of a yellow mongoose
Complexion: pale-ass motherfucker

Status: Active
Occupation: student, hunter/huntress
Clothing: purple camo tanktop
blue hoodie w/ sleeves ripped off, off-white words on back that reads "IN MY HEAD YOU'RE DEAD"
mid grey tactical-style pants w/ blue and purple trim
combat boot-style footwear, darker than a mid grey w/ purple laces and blue accents
Outfit Colours: blue/purple/grey
Physical Characteristics: Light muscle toning, mostly a slim build. Actually a clutz when just walking around. (IE; walks into things)

Accessories: Dog tags are always worn, also wears a couple wrist band style bracelets
Personality: He's the guy who claims to regret nothing but in his mind, his brain is banging pots and pans while screaming "REGRET!!!"
He rarely, if ever, learns from his mistakes. Acts on impulses a lot.
Makes a lot of puns and stupid jokes
(Will be expanded/added to)
Dislikes: the cold, people who are assholes to a faunus just b/c they're a faunus,
Habits: burrowing of sorts - he makes a den/nest out of a lot of pillows and blankets. Drives his team nuts as he confiscates EVERYONE'S blankets and pillows for this.
Climbing up to get a vantage point
Fatal Flaw(s): doesn't always know when to shut his mouth. Usually gets beaten up by Violet for this.
Weakness: His health is complete shit so even a simple cold can bring him to his knees. He can't fight for shit when he's unwell, but he can still fight, to a degree, when intoxicated.

Weapon Name: Shadow Striker
Weapon Description: Simply put, its a halbred/glaive mix staff, that doubles as a sniper rifle because this is RWBY and everything is a gun. Its able to collapse to a shorter length to be carried on his back.

Relationship With Others
Reputation: the asshole who gets that lucky shot. Loud af too.
Friends: his team for one
Team: VVDR (pronounced Vader) (I know) Co-owned with ScarletKnightmare
Team leader: Violet Himingberd - owned by ScarletKnightmare
Viorel Mythos - you're on his ref - Owned by myself
Daven Colby - Owned by myself
Raven Angel - Owned by ScarletKnightmare

Agility: 9/10
Swordsmanship: 5/10
Long Range Accuracy: 8/10
Defense: 4/10
Offense: 8/10
Aura: 5/10
People Skills: 4/10
Special Skill(s): night vision (Faunus)
flexible/agile, his tail helps to balance him, especially when leaping
His main method of defense is his agility and speed. If he gets hit, he can take a lot of damage and it'll take him a moment to get back up. As such, he's purely offensive.
Lock picking, but only traditional locks and safes. Nothing electronic.
Semblance: Stare-Down
By locking eyes with an opponent when in close quarter combat, Viorel can cause an opponent to intimidate them and make them feel fearful and uneasy about the situation, making them second guess themselves, Viorel himself, and their actions. This effect can last for varying amounts of time, depending on the person in question. It usually lasts for about a minute or two.

Ultra-condescend Background that I suck at writing apparently
Viorel comes from a gang run by his family. His family has a total of 4 people; his mother, a human, his father, a mongoose Faunus, and his older sister, a human, alongside himself. She's poised to take over the gang - currently their father controls it and their mother is the second in command.

The gang, called the Void Kings, was composed of both humans and faunus. What he mostly did in the gang was theft, either pick-pocketing or from stores and homes. As such, he's fairly adept at lock picking traditional locks. The gang itself was rough n tumble, and there were often fights between members, as well as rivals, which is where he honed his agility. (He learned pretty early on he can not take a hit very well, so he has to be light and quick on his feet.) He did participate in muggings, vehicle theft, and arson, though the latter wasn't done very often. He did not participate in drug dealing, stating he "didn't want to deal with that sketchy ass shit"

Viorel's dad is closer to him than she'd like, since he's a Faunus and she isn't. Viorel and his sister used to be very close - going out and about, and committing crime together. Usually it was robberies and simple vandalism together. However, as time went on, and they became older, they drifted apart somewhat and Viorel became closer to some of the dealers in the gang, despite not dealing himself. He would often go with them to provide cover in case something turned sour, as well as to scout locations for theft.

She became resentful of Viorel and plotted against him. She tipped the cops off about a store they were robbing, and paid them off so he wouldn't be released like the Void Kings usually are when the police are paid off. She made sure she got out of the line of fire, so to speak, just before the cops popped up from an ambush and captured Viorel with a sack full of cash. As they were forcing Viorel into a squad car, he caught a glimpse of his sister standing in an alley way with a shit-eating grin plastered on her face, and he quickly realized what just happened.

He planned on spending his time in jail thinking of ways to get even, but he didn't have to wait long, a couple days at most. His dealer buddies showed up with a few reinforcements to bust him out. Upon returning to their base of operations, he started to yell at and bitch out his sister, and she just gave him a smile. Viorel jumped the table they were at and went to fight her. He was grabbed and pulled back by some of his buddies, but he fought forwards again. He grabbed her by her shirt and had his fist back, ready to punch her in the face.

He dropped his fist, relaxing his hand and got up, giving her a shove back onto the ground. He turned on his heel and gave her the finger before stalking out of the place.

Whether it was on purpose or a complete accident, he went to pickpocket Ozpin, who caught him in the act. After pretty much beating Viorel to shit, he offered Viorel a chance at Beacon. Viorel accepted and was told when and where to be to start. As Ozpin went to leave, Viorel called him back, holding Ozpin's wallet up. He did get the wallet back, but Viorel may or may not have kept a couple of things from it. His parents weren't too happy about him going to Beacon at first, but soon gave up on fighting it, since his sister was going to the next boss. Viorel being at Beacon would allow for them to be less suspicious, in a sense.

The only member of team VVDR who knows about his past occupation is Raven. This is due to his parents hiring her one time for a hit on a rival boss.

First Encounters With The Team
Raven first really saw Viorel as he ran past her.
Basic event:
enrolls in beacon
walks past another student
student: "wait do I know you?"
Viorel: "uhhh no..."
student: "wait yes I do! You mugged me at gunpoint!"
Viorel: "no I didnt" (walking faster)
student: "yes you dID GET BACK HERE"
Viorel: (is running) "FUUUCK"
Raven: sipping at a mtn dew should have changed your outfit dumbass. or hid your face while mugging
student: "I recognize that hair"
Viorel: "fukign" "except that"

The first person Viorel encountered when they were creating teams
He jumped down from a tree as she was flying past
They ended up crashing
both were so pissed at first
Violet: "you ASS-"

Viorel: "WHO YOU CALLING AN ASS, YOU FUCKER- ohSHIT thats a lot of piercings."
Viorel: "nice wings btw"
Violet: "Do you know wh-"
Viorel: "Who you are? Yeah bruh like everyone does"
Violet: "huh"
Was pretty smooth sailing after that but then they had to choose a chess piece and it went downhill b/c they couldn't agree
Viorel wanted a knight, Violet wanted a queen.

First met when the Vio's had to choose a chess piece
Daven was partnered with Raven
When Daven and Raven find the temple w/ all the pieces, they come across Violet and Viorel arguing, very loudly, over which piece to take
Raven stepped in, Daven following, and said they should take a knight
Daven picked up a knight thinking she was talking to him
Raven comments "hey arent you the guy who got asked about mugging someone?"
Viorel is like "...." "maybe?" //nervous sweating
Violet and Daven and just like ????

Shortly after Daven grabbed a Knight piece, a flock of griffin grims attacked
Viorel grabbed a knight piece before Violet could grab a queen
Violet: pauses from argument w/ viorel and looking at Raven funny "we have a bigger problem now..."
Viorel: "I took the knight"
Violet: "soN OF A BITCH-"
They set a new record for the amount of forest destroyed in a grim fight

Random Facts and things
Calls Beacon Acadamy "Bacon" - either just to piss people off, or if he is doing this unironically, no one knows.
Violet has to keep confiscating any alcohol he brings in the dorm. (Usually Vodka)
"random thought but Viorel could literally mug somebody with nothing but a banana and his symblance
Song - "You Were Wrong" by Icon for Hire [Link]
"I don’t go down easy, I don’t bow out quiet"
"But I aint under your thumb, I aint stuck in your shadow. I’m on top of the world up here fighting my battles, And I shoot to kill, I play to win and baby I will."

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