Gauge Rage - Star Wars Run Singapore Coin by RebbyRebReb

Gauge Rage - Star Wars Run Singapore Coin


16 October 2018 at 03:21:24 MDT

So here's some work I did for my friend Stephen Williams, who is also a fellow member of the 501st! He came to me asking me to create a coin to commemerate his finishing of the Star Wars Run in Singapore.
I help make the first draft of his idea (the two grey and black pictures), while Juan Jose Matamoros did the finished design, and Siria Yi did production. I will link both of their profiles along with Stephen's, I suppose, so you can see all the work and if you'd like to hire either, it can be something you can do.

Siria Yi:
Juan Jose Matamoros:
Stephen Mark Williams:

Thank you all for letting me work with you, even if it was through bits and pieces I gave Stephen, you should be very proud of your work!

(again, I'm only taking credit for the first draft, which is the top two images of the coin. Production and finalization are both from Siria Yi and Juan Jose Matamoros)

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