Mbali reference by Araivis-Edelveys by RealZero

Mbali reference by Araivis-Edelveys


9 November 2019 at 00:46:10 MST

ORIGINAL ARTWORK BY araivis-edelveys

Nude version:

She is here!
This is Mbali, my all new character. Not my fursona, Bryan will stay and still be my "main character", but I always wanted to get myself a female character for female commissions, especially with all those YCHs around, and hey, I like hyenas. :-)

Mbali is a spotted hyena female. I guess describing her personality in detail would be too much for a FA submission, but well, she's a nature-loving woman with a fun and friendly personality and voice, but also one that is willing to ferociously defend friends, animals, and in general innocent and helpless people who end up in a situation that they're "weak" in.

Asides that, she loves jewellery, not for it's price, but for the beautiful look, bonus if it's "recycled" from natural stuff, like wood, feathers, etc..
Also anything that's related to relaxing, wellness and in general feeling good in and with nature and her environment.
But yeah, don't think too much about all that for now, we will see if and when her personality will get more fleshed-out and relevant.
For now, enjoy the pretty reference pic!

Some small more details in the nude version, as she's kinda "anatomically accurate" to real spotted hyena females, but yeah, more on that on the coming NSFW submission.

I'm incredibly happy with how Araivis did this job. The end result is great, and she's an absolute awesome artist to work with, having created two char sheets for me by now. She's great with bringing your ideas to live and an awesome source of friendly and helpful discussions and input about ideas if you want this, and she created this character with me just from written reference.
If you need a commission, ref sheet or not, please pay her a visit, she's a great person to work with!

Artwork by the awesome araivis-edelveys
Character belongs to me

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