Bryan - Fursona reference sheet V2 - clothed by RealZero

Bryan - Fursona reference sheet V2 - clothed


16 January 2019 at 10:55:21 MST

ORIGINAL ARTWORK BY araivis-edelveys

After quite some time, needed or not (?), finally an updated version of a reference sheet for my fursona Bryan, with some small (?) changes along the years for future commissions. What has changed or what's worth mentioning?:

- This one's an unshaded pic with colour references, I've been told those are preferred when commissioning artists :-)
- His feet are sliiightly more feral in that he now has four paw-like "toes" instead of the five digits that looked a bit more human. I was generally fine with both, but in several pics five digits just looked unnecessary small and not totally fitting on a big, fluffy foot/paw. So I thought, after MUCH thinking, that this would look nice as well and maybe more fitting. Plantigrade walking will stick, though, that's not open for discussion. :-D
- I never really knew if I should keep the "paw pads" and IF I do, if I should keep the dark colour or use the same light "skincolour" his nipples and penis havs in pics showing it. Ultimately it was an equally hard decision, but went with the darker tone as it fits better to his overall colour theme

I guess that's most of my thinking behind it. I hope you like it and we'll see if and when I feel like changing up something the next time.

Now, on to getting more commissions, with a new ref and all? Maybe? :-D

Artwork by the awesome araivis-edelveys who did a great and fast job and was open to all changes I wanted to check or go through.
Character belongs to me

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