Alia Tech: Chimera mk2a4: Agony by Reaku-the-crate

Alia Tech: Chimera mk2a4: Agony


30 August 2019 at 10:39:21 MDT

In Alia's words.
"The Chimera mk2a4, specially modified to have an overdrive capacitor to allow for stronger energy condensation, or a longer sustained flow... This model in particular houses something, I am not entirely sure if I am being lied too, or I am lying to myself... Katherine came to me with a small round jewel the size of a large glass marble, it came with a deep red colour, with a peculiar incredibly low audible low. According to Katherine, this jewel used to be a person, holding, in her own words, their body, spirit, and mind, compacted into a jewel that is equivalent to a living individual, trapped inside a prison, ever seeing, hearing, knowing, restless, caught in a torrent of misery, now I don't know if any of this is true, this weapon seems to tell me differently, the device can barely contain handle the jewel placed inside it, just looking at it, even when deactivated, gives me a feeling of fear I've not felt since I was back on Velith, in the Daelands Canyons, holding the device made this feeling worse, lastly, turning this device on in my hands, what I felt was indescribably, I had dropped said device nearly instantly once it struck me.
Katherine and I have come to terms, agreeing this weapon should be locked away, with the condition that she may keep her Blood Jewels, as they're referred too, in her care, I doubt anyone else could make a device that could contain those, much less be able to create the sword that is, and was christened by Katherine herself, as Agony."

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