Reach Staff Render 1 by Reaku-the-crate

Reach Staff Render 1


13 July 2019 at 12:52:56 MDT

In Alia's words.

"Going through the records, a single device was found to exist , this device was known as the Extending Power Conduit Apparatus, this conduit served only one known purpose, this was to bridge the gap between two power outlets of similar or equal standing in terms of height or facing, this glaring problem was resolved first for efficiency sake, making this item useless entirely, outside of one possibility, giving me the change to create a telescopic staff I have a named the Reach Staff, given the old conduits were remarkably heavy, while remaining thin, the creation of the Reach made the device lighter, retaining the density of the previous device, making an over all effective weapon with few drawbacks outside of those commonly associated with a staff, with the device standing at three feet compact, six foot four extended fully, both sides may be extended separately or together given the button pressed on the devices main body, leaving two hidden toggle buttons with the main button that extends both sides on the opposite side, which as well can be hidden from accidental operation while in use, the staff itself is a good training tool for those looking to improve their movement, balance, and reaction time with ease, while learning a new skill combat wise."

I've had this idea for a good long time.

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