Chimera Render 1 by Reaku-the-crate

Chimera Render 1


8 June 2019 at 20:54:45 MDT

In Alia's words
"The Chimera mk2, solidified energy power pack, utilizing a smaller version of the multipurpose reactors, this uses a tube reactor found within the grip of the device, sending it through compressors, leading to a field emitter, and the main blade emitter, creating a surface of pure energy that is seemingly cool to the touch, incredibly smooth, yet remarkably sharp, down to the molecule as a matter of fact, this device also holds inside it a special attachment found in many other devices, an energy signature identification device made to take the elements of a substance, be it a crystal or otherwise, utilizing said substance to create an element in some cases, from fire, to ice, in semi rare cases, acid, the blue bade in particular is a basic charged signature, found within almost every reactor made, with some acceptions made for this, the Chimera paired with it's twin design the Manticore, both are remarkably dangerous in the fight hands."

I had some fun and decided to finally learn 3d modeling! This was fun, I'm definitely doing more~

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    Awesome design here, I especially dig the hilt.