My Little Pony FIM Commissions - RE-OPENED by Razia

My Little Pony FIM Commissions - RE-OPENED


21 November 2013 at 14:13:20 MST

*I am now offering pony commissions!*

The style involves proportions and colors that are show-accurate, but I ink and color in my own style, where I add shading and highlights, and put extra detail in the eyes and hair, plus the occasional other little embellishment, like Zecora’s jewelry.

Right now, I’m keeping it simple and limiting it to one pony per drawing with a simple background--solid color, gradient, or some kind of shape framing the pony.

*Price: The starting rate is $35 USD, but if your request involves a lot of detail, I may raise the price a bit. PayPal preferred.

*What you will get: An 8.5x11” finished image of the pony you request. It will be high-resolution, ready to be printed. I will show you the in-progress drawing and get your approval before inking and finalizing anything, at which point you can request any changes. All I ask is a bit of patience as progress might be slow until I get into the swing of things. Payment will not be requested until the piece is finished and ready to be sent.

*Caveats: *No clop* Sorry. If you have something borderline in mind, feel free to ask anyway, but I reserve the right to refuse. Also, be aware that if you request a character from the show, I reserve the right to sell prints to others at conventions and such--if it is an O.C., all rights will be yours and no prints will be made.

If interested, shoot me a PM. Also, feel free to ask any questions if I was unclear on anything or forgot to mention something.

EDIT 2/1/19 - Money is tight, so I'm offering these up again. Send me a PM if interested.

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