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Raye / Female / United Kingdom

How did I even get here?
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I go by the nickname Raye, it’s been my nickname for over half my life now. Incidentally, I’ve also named my character/fursona Raye because I’m SO original.

I'm generally easygoing, I love silly cartoons, and while I'm probably capable of doing some non-derp artwork, I wouldn't expect it much out of me. I enjoy making people laugh, so if I can brighten your day with one of my silly work, that makes me feel wonderful and fulfilled.



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Thank you all

on 23 February 2013 at 18:44:30 MST

I want to thank everyone for following me or for their friend requests. At the moment I'm trying to sort myself out here, so I apologize for the late reply. I have a lot of stuff to move, so I'm just moving some of my favorite images, as well as perhaps some of the funnier ones that I like from my old gallery. If you would like to see the entirety of my gallery, you can find it in FA: I also have a DeviantArt here: (Mostly clean) and I also have an artblog, that I, like, never update but it shows some process of images I've done: seeing as how tmblr is more common, I may be using that instead in the future, however I'm still fairly undecided. I also have a twitter that I sometimes update with relevant art stuff

I will also be posting some of my current commissions here after I've moved most of the stuff I like/want from my main gallery. This may take a while. Though I apologize in advance if I kill your inboxes.

I'm quite liking the layout and hopefully having this new, spiffy account would encourage me to do more with my art. Here's to hoping!

So tell me about yourselves? :) Or ask me any questions and I'll answer them!

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    Long time no see^^

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    Im here too now! Imma still be on FA but this place is nice! *sets up camp*

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      It's pretty spiffy

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    Arm the coninental seige bacon! Make ready the ham of war!

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      *gets forks ready* THIS IS WHAT I WILL DIE FOR

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    Yes! You'Re here as well. It's a nice little side, I hope you'll enjoy your stay.

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      I'm liking it so far, it's a bit different, and yet still user friendly :) A bit strange to get accustomed to, though haha

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        Yes, there are still a few things that could be improved, but the folders and the option to present characters is great, tho I would like to see my characters on the front page as well...