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Shattered Dreams in a Broken Circle by RavenSylphe

Shattered Dreams in a Broken Circle


6 March 2014 at 13:17:25 MST

(Original Completion Date: November 29, 2012)
2 of 3 Dragon Age: Origins fanart
This piece features my mage, Emania Amell...who I have yet to complete the game with yet. (I have better luck with warriors and rogues) I love this character though, especially with the tension between her and Cullen. Oh, how I love tormenting him :evillaugh:
Oh and that is mouse at her feet on the Fade side of the picture. Gave him somewhat glowy demonic eyes...rather suiting, no?
This piece, playing this character, and the work of other Dragon Age fans, has kind of inspired me to try my hand at a little project (that I will probably blow out of proportion and break myself :crazy:). Oh well :D

This piece was...interesting to do. Working with three different light sources was difficult, thankfully the fire spell and the fade lighting create similar highlights. The hardest part for me was probably her hair. I don't know why but dammit, I could not get her hair to look right. I think I changed how I colored it like 5 or 6 times before I finally said, Fuck this!, and just let my hands do what they would. So many curls, the bane of my artistic existence. And so many reference screenshots take for that damned apprentice robe Dx I think I got the colors right....

art and character (C) RavenSylphe, Kylee Intermill (me)
Dragon Age: Origins (C) Bioware

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