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MEOWSER! by Ravenhallow



23 April 2015 at 11:13:11 MDT

So cool dude BlueHayze asked me if I could turn a Bowser Amiibo into a Meowser and I was all HELL YEAH I CAN. So a lot of epoxy putty and paint later, here he is! This was a blast but also a ton of work, so I am not currently open for more Amiibo modifications, but I may be in the future! Next up is a Tanooki Bowser for  Tarke!

Materials: ProCreate epoxy putty and acrylics over original Amiibo

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Visual / Modeling / Sculpture

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    When can I throw all my money towards you to get one as well? <3
    That is some really awesome work dude!!

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    I dig that! I've been working on a Bowser as well. I'm just doing him blue. Still need to get off my ass and do touch ups. before I clearcoat him.

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    this looks so damn cool! The amount of detail you put into this is great, love it!

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    omg im so glad you did this! i was planning on making mine meowser too but i had zero idea how to do the modifications tail ears exc.. so you just used epoxy putty? im guessing it dries on its own and you dont have to bake it?

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      Yup! The stuff I use dries in an hour or two, tough enough that I can carve it smooth too.

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    Will you be making more of these?

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      I'm doing another Meowser for a friend, then I may do one more to auction off! I don't wanna burn myself out on 'em.

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        What about other amiibos? =)