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-23.Gosh darn gay.Is actually a bunch of rats in a hoodie-

I go by Rattus, I live in Oregon and I really like art and rats. I like making art but I'm absolutely no where near the level I wish to be at. so I'm currently working on myself. Anyways, feel free to talk to me cause despite my severe social impairment I'm still a friendly person ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ




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Art Trades?

on 21 October 2016 at 23:01:36 MDT

I've been thinking about doing a few recently, I kinda miss it! It's been years since I last did one I believe.

So if we mutually follow or are friends on here DA, FA, or Tumblr and you're interested hit me up!

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    leaves yogies on page

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      Aw yiss

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    Baking Oxbow smells super good o3o ran out of Oxbow, so baking the dust to make new Oxbow chunks while I wait for food to come in :3

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      It does?! 0.0 it always smells bad when you open a new bag, I didn't know it could smell good! What does it smell like? (also didn't know you could make more with the dust)

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        I think it smells like baked pumpkin seeds when you open a new bag :o I can't figure out how to describe the smell of it baking though.. I guess the closest I can figure is bread? And I didn't know you could bake it either until I realized that it's kind of like flour that you bake bread with, and I gave it a go a few months ago and it worked out great! For a single bag, one egg should be fine. This last time I combined the dust from 3 bags, so 2 eggs. Don't have the heat/timing down yet, but I like to get the baked Oxbow to a point that it's harder in the center, just to avoid any food borne stuff from happening. I went with 350 F for about 40mins this last time, checking at 10min intervals, so.. hopefully next time I'll get it down better :'D

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          That's really resourceful, I had no idea and I could have made treats with the dust! Missed opportunities to make things for the babies. I think my nose might just have been over sensitive to the smell because I swear sometimes it would smell fishy when I opened a bag! Like sea weed kinda fishy.

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    Thanks for the fave!

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      No problem! c: