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Rats and Business by Rattnip

Rats and Business


19 March 2015 at 17:10:14 MDT

The economy in the city has been garbage for a long time. Gangs pop up and are destroyed on a daily basis. Politicians come and go and businesses can barely keep going. Idiots. They don't get it. None of them. You can't work in the system because the system is broken. We Rodents understand. We've been under the system forever. A long time ago we ruled the sewer tunnels. But things have changed. We are the real power. Sure, felines could eviscerate us. A canine could pounce and chew a rat to death. But that'd only take care of them for a single meal. A dog or a cat working for us can keep his belly full for much longer than if he ate us. With underworld contacts and backroom deals we keep a flow of prohibited goods and services running to the seedy underbelly of this old city. Protection rackets, numbers, prostitution, narcotics, booze, even your basic hitman assassination jobs. We do it all. What? You'd rather starve? Go ahead. We Rats did enough of that in the tunnels. Not anymore. A Rodent's gotta make a living. You got a problem with that? Too bad. You want to earn a living? Let's talk.

Drawn by the amazingly talented redcoatcat. Commissioned at What the Fur 2011 and picked up at Anthrocon 2011. I love it I love it I love it. Go commission something from her. Do it now!!!! NOW!!!!

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