The Squeaky Experiment by Rattnip

The Squeaky Experiment


11 March 2014 at 13:15:13 MDT

The rat had been in the lab for so long he couldn't even remember how he got there. The visor pulled away from his eyes and retracted back into the ceiling. His vision was different as he looked around the large dark room which now encompassed his existence. He didn't know what had changed, only that it had. He was happy things were different. He looked down at himself and smiled. Everything about him was new, shiny and glowing! This made the rat even happier. He smiled as all sorts of new thoughts and ideas flew through his mind. He noticed he couldn't get out of his chair due to his restraints. He didn't mind them. Something in his mind told him he was happy just the way he was. He looked straight ahead and smiled widely, ready for a new day as a new rodent.

From the amazing kipper! This is the first badge to show my current name and it's awesome!

(P.S.: The story above is more fun if you read it with the voice of The Narrator from The Stanley Parable)

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