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Welcome Back to the Lab by Rattnip

Welcome Back to the Lab


16 December 2015 at 20:44:43 MST

They left me here. The other rats. I did so much to help them with the escape and they just left me! They took that mouse Jonathan with them instead, that bastard. A damn mouse! I pulled the wires on a computer so they could get away. I ran back to meet up with them that night only to arrive just in time to see their tails wriggling out of their cages. I couldn't climb the air shaft by myself and the humans got me.

Then I was the only one left and...they did things to me. Drugs..mental stimulation..other things I don't know how to describe. I hated it! until...i started to like it. Then it felt good! Really good. I could do things on my own. I learned how to open my own cage, sneak outside, make the humans forget I had been missing. Then I got my paws on that pendant. Ohhhh squeak. Now that is power! Once I had it then I had them. Them! The other rats of course. Human science and rodent magic together. Nothing could stop me.

NIMH is mine now. I remade it to be more useful to rats. I remade the humans too. They're downstairs. Deep downstairs. They're...different now. These two..Justin and Jenner..they're MINE. Justin loves it already. Loves what I've done to him...what I do to him in his cage some nights. Jenner will love it too. He's just taking a bit more work.

I'll teach them how to be rats again.

Incredible work from the amazingly talented betsy betsy!

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