It's quiet and dark in the city. Most people went home or are hanging out in clubs, only cars fill the streets. But it's a nice night. Clear and blue, the stars sparkle, together with the moon they hit the puddles from the rain that happened an hour ago. The smell of wet cement and the sounds of cars heading home. It surely is a nice night.

Suddenly, a shadow hits the walls. It's running and being followed by more, they're chasing after it. He breaths heavy under the mask, he's being chased by them because he stole something important. He turns a corner and then runs left into another one. But his plans of hanging them up were spoiled, then one of his hunters was faster and found out his trick. The dog ran around another corner and stops at the wall. He looks up and then behind him. They're close but he knows, they would never go in the "in between". So with a few jumps, he manages to jump over the wall while one of his hunters stops at the wall, looking up at him.

"Where is he?"
"He jumped over the wall"
"Well then, what are you waiting for maggot? Let's go!"
"Wait, Damien let's not."
"Why not?"
"We chased him for 2 hours now and we know where he went. Let's just go take a break and I'll report to Mulligan later so he can send out the others to search after him. And besides"
He looks at the 2 other who just catched up. One of them breathes heavily while the other one holds him, hoping he wouldn't collapse.
"I don't think that anyone of us still has enough power to run after him."
"Also, it's 12 am. Just saying"
"Since when are you such a wuss Jack?"
Damien looks at him with judging eyes.
"Since I turned 43 and almost got blown up"
Jack looks back with a grin and sarcastic looking eyes.
"Could you please just stop? Come on, I think the "Mice in riviera" is still open. I'll even buy you something to eat Damien."
He looks at Damien with a smile but then returns to Bruce, who leans against a wall and let's out a few coughs.
Damien on the other hand looks at the wall but then back to the street. His stomach growls a bit.
"Fine but, Elliot"
Damien turn him around and looks down to be on eye height.
"You hurry up or else he's gonna be gone. Also don't expect me to accept your money, boi"
Damien grins and turns back the streets, grabbing the coughing Bruce on one arm and an smiling Elliot on the other, dragging them with him while Jack walks behind them with a cigar in his mouth and a little grin shining from behind it.
Together they walk down the streets from the "Cheeserign" district to the centre of the city.

Shining lights and cars everywhere. Here the people are still awake, waiting to get into the clubs and restaurants that decorate the streets even more than the actual lights do.
And in all the different pubs, restaurants and clubs there lies the "Mice in riviera". A big hotel with an restaurant underneath it. It's one of the most famous places of the whole city. Not just because of the nice look but, the food and music is just perfect, like the owner herself. It shines and is decorated with little bulbs and plants. A lot of people stopped by the big windows, that were built there to attract attention, and even famous people came here sometimes. And it wasn't just the restaurant itself or the music that brought the people here but, also the owner who lived above the restaurant and often sang there.

"Welp, looks like Alfred gives everything he has tonight."
Jack listens to the loud but, wonderful voice coming from the inside of the restaurant. Accompanied by other, fitting instrumental melodies.
"I just hope he doesn't destroy his voice... again" He opens the door and the other 3 follow him to the spot they claimed 3 years ago. It's a nice spot in the corner, against a window.
The spot is less decorated and has a piece of paper glued on it's upper side that says :"Reserved for the suicidal heroes" written in a horrible handwriting but, decorated with on drawn blobs that were supposed to resemble bunnies and flowers.
The seats look a bit messy and you could see that on one spot, somebody had to stitch something up. That spot is Damien's favourite place to sit on, mostly because it looks cool and because it's like the best spot if you want to look at the other restaurants. While the other side of the window was blocked off by a wall and plants.
"Alright bois" Damien grins
"We have 8 hours until actual works starts again so, how about we get plastered?" His grin grows bigger and it seems like he just forgot about everything that happened 15 minutes again.
"How often do I have to say this, bud? We can't get drunk on work days." Jack slightly hits him in the leg from across the table.
"Also, remember last time you had too much and you almost got run over by a train?" Jack looks judgingly into Damien's eyes while Elliot just sits next to him with a uncomfortable grin.
"Oh, pfft. Everything went fine in the end though." Damien hits Jack back, grinning at him seeing it more like a horrible joke instead of an actual problem but, Jack's right. Everytime Damien get's boozed up, he attempts to either shoot others or kill himself, always wearing an american flag. But, it's not like he is anything better. Bot Jack and Damien love to drink alcohol and both of them are horrible when they're drunk and that seems to happen a lot.

Thud both of them suddenly stopped grinning passiv aggressiv at each other and turn to the now very surprised Bruce.
"Are you alright?" Elliot looks concerned at his best friend while the other too try not to giggle.
"I- I'm okay, don't worry..." Bruce takes some deep breaths and then continues to look at the ground, almost passing out.
"It's okay if you want to take a nap. I mean you did work a lot today" Elliot looks at him with a loving smile but then turns to the other 2, who still try not to giggle, with a very sassy and disappointed look.

"Okay, I get it. Sorry bud, this just reminds me back to the old days. We always wanted to get ourselves drunk but, we fell asleep halfway to the bar. So let me tell you, you're not the first one." Jack looks back at Elliot who calmed down a bit and his look turned back into the happy smile. Suddenly a man stands in front of their table with a tray and a notebook in his hand.

"Well, look who we have here"



1 March 2018 at 08:26:16 MST

First part of my story "Untouchable corruption".
Keep in mind that I'm not a professional writer.

Basic plot:
Elliot Mouse and his Team try to stop the mobster Capone, while also trying to survive the world and their problems.
Often joined by their friends Mary and Pierre they try their best to keep the city of Cheesecago safe.

Though will they survive?

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