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My 10 favorite subspecies from Monster Hunter by Rathaloshunter16

My 10 favorite subspecies from Monster Hunter


My favorite subspecies from Monster Hunter in unspecific order.

  1. Baleful Gigginox, Electric Mysterious Wyvern. If Gigginox was better Khezu then Baleful Gigginox is BETTER Red Khezu and Khezu combined, this monster used electricity instead poison and can lay electric sac only. When enraged it turns red, telling that it is better Khezu. Good job Gigginox line, I tip my hat to you.

  2. Stygian Zinogre, Hell Wolf Wyvern, Emperor of Hell. I already love Zinogre but I FUCKING WORSHIP STYGIAN ZINOGRE! Stygian is cool and badass, using Dragon instead lightning. It is able to live in freezing tundras and hellish volcanoes. Its armor and weapons too are fucking cool and useful. Weapons are named in latin, that´s so awesome! And Stygian came in World and I can´t wait to hunt that edgy black wolf dragon down!

  3. Coral Pukei-Pukei, Water Bewitching Bird. I love Coral Pukei-Pukei while I despite regural Pukei-Pukei because it loved spam poison in me! What I love in this monster is it color scheme so it doesn´t blend in stuff and when enraged yellow feathers get some red on them. Making it even more colorful! And it can use water, being first Bird Wyvern in mainseries that used water. I have little nickname to this monster, and it´s Living Pressure Washer, thanks to its tail that shoot water out with deadly pressure it got its name. I too love its armor set, skills like Partbreaker are very useful and I look like pirate, good job Coral Pukei-Pukei, you got my respect.

  4. Ivory Lagiacus, White Sea Dragon. Aah, Lagiacrus line is awesome, though I haven´t fought Abyssal yet, I hope one day I get to that. Ahem, Ivory Lagiacrus is more land based Lagiacrus that has finnish flag colors. It loves to spend its time on land and has more deadlier electric attacks and is more aggressive, faster and stronger. Armor is useful aswell and good. Pity that CAPCOM can´t make Leviathan skeleton to work.

  5. Crimson Qurupeco, Crimson Colorful Bird. I already liked Qurupeco and same goes to its electric and flashier subspecies minus even if you break its electric flints it won´t prevent it from stun you unlike Gypceros and this monster calls Deviljho to screw you over. It´s bigger than regural one and roar can stun you. It can dance to boost its stamina, but if you can flinch it during it you get effect of Dash Juice. That´s neat. I don´t care weapons that much while I do regural one´s.

  6. Brute Tigrex, Black Roaring Wyvern. Brute Tigrex is dark brown Tigrex that lives in volcanic regions, it´s more brutal and stronger, and it has more roar based attacks, I love this monster´s armor set until Molten came. It had useful skills that helped me.

  7. Molten Tigrex, Great Roaring Wyvern. I love Molten Tigrex, it´s bigger Tigrex that is red and can use Blast. Don´t let its size to fool you because area you fight it is tower, meaning solo-area monster that will run over you when enraged and its roar attacks along Blast make it lethal and dangerous monster, and enraged one will charge alot on you and I assure you, dodging each charge will be hard job if not even impossible. I love Molten armor... I just don´t have helmet because I need its rare drop... Pulsating Blastheart, and drop rate is bitch in MH4U. I noticed that I need awakening to get Blast Ailment on its Great Sword, I wonder why because it´s monster that can use it already. Eh, whatever. Good job Tigrex line, you got my love.

  8. Glacial Agnaktor, Freeze Pike Wyvern. Glacial Agnaktor is ice version of lava based regural Agnaktor. This monster gets its armor soft only when on surface while regural one gets lava armor when it has digged underground, this is neat reverse between two monsters. To get this monster´s Pleura you need to catch it.... that´s something, though, I don´t care about armor or weapons of this monster.

  9. Sand Barioth, Tornado Tusk Wyvern. Sand Barioth is desert based Barioth that is able to breath out sand to create tornadoes and ride on those ones. And what it makes it even terrifying that it can launch itself from it toward Hunter with great speed. Many call Sand Barioth weak, but it may have explanation that I found from Youtube once, saying something that Barioth and Sand Barioth represent early humans that were split on desert and Antarctica. " Those who were in Antarctica, a place where food was plentiful, didn't have to be very smart and were able to resort to simple brute force and raw animal instinct to hunt an survive. However, people in the desert, a place where food and water was scarce, had to be more resourceful and a lot more intelligent with how they went on about doing things. This is reflected beautifully in Barioth. Regular Barioth, found in the frozen tundra, uses more brute strength attacks like the shoulder bash and is much faster and stronger. Likewise, Sand Barioth, found in the desert, uses more technical attacks such as the tornado, in addition to being much slower and having less physical attack. " LUTE - from RedLeapardVideos, Top 10 Least Favorite Monster Hunter Subspecies.

  10. Azure Rathalos, Azure Fire Wyvern. I love Azure Rathalos, I love his armor and weapons, they are useful as hell. If I remember right, armor has Earplugs, Razor Sharp and Critical Eye +2. All useful skills, just like Coral Pukei-Pukei´s or MHW´s Barioth´s armor skills.

Baleful Gigginox, Stygian Zinogre, Coral Pukei-Pukei, Ivory Lagiacrus, Crimson Qurupeco, Brute Tigrex, Molten Tigrex, Glacial Agnaktor, Sand Barioth and Azure Rathalos belongs to CAPCOM.