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My 10 least favorite monsters from Monster Hunter by Rathaloshunter16

My 10 least favorite monsters from Monster Hunter


My hated/least favorite monsters from Monster Hunter in unspecific order.

  1. Khezu, Charging Wyvern. Oh my Gog, end me already. Khezu is one boring dick. It has no theme, it´s ugly as hell and its weapons and armor are just as ugly. Though, Palico one is bit amusing. It spams its electric attacks alot and its roar is annoyng too. Gigginox did better than you, you CUNT!

  2. Yian Garuga, Black Wolf Wyvern. Joked to be bastard child of Yian Kut-Ku and Rathian, yes, there is some common things like poisonous tail. I hate its fight! ITS DOUBLE JUMP BEAK SLAM IS HARD TO DODGE EVEN WITH ADEPT! AND ITS ROAR CAN STUN YOU, ALLOWING IT ATTACK YOU! IT`S FUCKING UNFAIR!

  3. Lavasioth, Lava Wyvern. Lavasioth is fucking annoying monster to fight, it´s hard to avoid its attack even if I use Adept. In MHW it´s lava attacks are deadly! And Jyuratodus is just smaller MUDDY version of it! That´s damn boring!

  4. Plesioth, Water Wyvern. Oh my Fatalis, this monster brought pain to me in first Monster Hunter game, it loved to stay in water and its Hipcheck was fucking fatal move. Even in Gen and GenU I still hate this monster with burning passion. And don´t say " Well use Frogs to lure it to land you moron! " Easier said than done! It usually spots me before it or Ludroth will ruin it and it will spot me then! And what you people said about Sonic Bombs? Yeah, fuck that! I throw one and it won´t come out! So what´s the point if those won´t work?!

  5. Bazelgeuse, Explosive Scale Wyvern. This monster is bit tricky one. For gunner this monster is easy as fuck. For likes of me who is blademaster will get fucked by its explosive scales. It´s dangerous to stay under it because of those scales, so yeah. I get exploded away alot because of this! But it´s useful to screw up monster you are fight, remember that.

  6. Banbaro, Ferocious Bull Wyvern. HOW IN HELL THIS MONSTER CAN SURVIVE IN ELDER RECESS OR ROTTEN VALE?! OR IN WILDSPIRE WASTE! IT WOULD FUCKING DIE TO HEAT! OR TO EFFLUVIUMN! This monster is pain to fight because way it fights, its trees make it hitboxes expand and it loves to charge your ass down!

  7. Shogun Ceanataur, Sickle Crab. This crab is fucking annoying to fight because it´s coin toss if you get bleed or not! And its rage mode where those claws get longer isn´t helping. It goes to its way to walk sideways to get you and trying to give you bleed. I can tell by Seregios when I am about get bleed, by getting hit three times by its scales, it´s better than this shit!

  8. Ukanlos, The Tyrant of Ice, The White God, Avalance Wyvern. Call it whatever you want it won´t listen your prayers! This monster was pain in MH4U after beating shit out of Dalamadur! Its homing shark attack is fucking hard to avoid when soloing! And it doesn´t matter if you have cats, it will come to YOU! At least Akantor doesn´t have this bullshit but it´s hard fight still.

  9. Odogaron, Cruel Claw Wyvern. This monster has same problem that Shogun has with bleeding status. IT´S COIN TOSS! And in Master rank it´s already enraged! Fun, very fun. Oh joy.... fuck this shit!

  10. Uragaan, Burst Hammer Wyvern. Now you may wonder what I hate in this monster. I tell you. Its chin attacks monstly cause tremor and you know what that means? YES, YOU CAN`T FUCKING MOVE THEN! IT´S BULLSHIT! In M-rank this cunt throws bigger rocks and when it rolls into those it sets itself on fire! YES! FUCKING FIRE AS ROLLING AROUND TO FLAT YOU INTO SUBMISSION! In Begone Uragaan it ran away like fucking pussy because guess who decided to show its scary face to me first time in MHW? THAT RIGHT, SAVAGE DEVILJHO! It attacked Uragaan yes but IT RAN AWAY LIKE BITCH SO I CHASED IT AROUND RECESS TO MURDER IT AS SAVAGE WAS AFTER US! I GOT CARTED TWICE BECAUSE OF THIS CHAOS!

Khezu, Yian Garuga, Lavasioth, Plesioth, Bazelgeuse, Banbaro, Shogun Ceanataur, Ukanlos, Odogaron and Uragaan belongs to CAPCOM.