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My 10 favorite monsters from Monster Hunter by Rathaloshunter16

My 10 favorite monsters from Monster Hunter


23 December 2020 at 14:31:40 MST

My favorite monsters from Monster Hunter in unspecific order.

  1. Gigginox, Creeping Venom Wyvern. Gigginox is all way better Khezu, design, fight and fact that this thing has THEME! And when it enters in rage mode it gets Venom´s colorations! That is cool as fuck!

  2. Qurupeco, Colorful Bird. Many may hate this monsters because it can summon annoying small monsters or likes of Deviljho into area you are fighting it. My tip, bring Dung Bombs and kill small monsters! Problem solved. Others hate its boost abilities, yes, it´s annoying and sleep one is fucking irritating but it´s G-rank only. I love G-rank gunner armor and its Bow line.

  3. Glavenus, Cutting Wyvern. Glavenus is fucking Carnotaur with sword as a tail! That´s damn cool, you will be playing 1000 degree knife challenge with living knife. I like armor due its skills and weapons are good too. Fighting this monster though can get on nerves when grinding its Hyper version. I cheese this usually with Adept style.

  4. Mizutsune, Bubble Fox Wyvern. Oh my Fatalis, this Leviathan is beautiful and graceful. Using bubbles to dance around you when fighting it. His theme helps give you that picture that you are dancing with it, Adept helps to boost that picture as dodge his fast attacks. Armor and weapons are damn good and beautiful as monster himself.

  5. Zinogre,Thunder Wolf Wyvern. IT`S WOLF WITH LIGHTING! I love Zinogre all ways possible, design, fight, theme, armors and weapons! Everything in this monster screams yes!

  6. Astalos, Electric Wyvern. Astalos´s fight is pretty fast paced and once more Adept is useful style to avoid its deadly attacks. I love design and fact that it has glass wings is cool! Armor and weapons once again are useful. And skill that makes you get stunned less is handy.

  7. Nargacuga, Swift Wyvern. It´s panther wyvern! That´s cool! Its theme is cool and using Adept is fun as hell! I am not fan of armor or weapons like at all. But otherwise I love this monsters.

  8. Seregios, Thousand Blade Wyvern. I love Seregios just like Zinogre, design, fight, theme and armor. I am not interested about weapons. In MH4U Armor is useful due Negative Bleeding. In Gen and GenU, not so much.

  9. Gore Magala, Black Eclipse Wyvern. Oh my Gog, this monster was challenge in MH4U when doing its quest. Its big Frenzy explosion screwed me over alot. I love its armor because it´s so edgy and useful againts Frenzied monsters you encounter. Weapons are neat because they are named in german, that´s neat! Fight is tense and trying to get rid of Frenzy makes you hurry to whack living daylight out of it before you get overtaken it. Remember bring Nulberries in this fight.

  10. Tigrex, Roaring Wyvern. Many hate Tigrex because way it fights, charge, charge, tailspin, leap, charge, boulder toss, bite. I get throught this stuff with correctly timed Adept dodge. I am fan of armor in 4U. Not so much in Gen and GenU. But I need to bring up double Frienzied Tigrex quest, we need to admit that quest was hard as hell and two of these rampaging monsters in assholes would bring total chaos to area when you try already fight other Tigrex, having other isn´t making it any easier.

Gigginox,Qurupeco, Glavenus, Mizutsune, Zinogre, Astalos, Nargacuga, Seregios, Gore Magala and Tigrex belongs to CAPCOM.

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