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I am Rathaloshunter16 or Rathy for short. I am traditional hobbyist artist from Deviantart who is posting her old art from there so sorry if some are terrible. I am writer in Archive of Our Own. I play Monster Hunter games too, other games are Skyrim and Spyro: Reignited trilogy too.

Latest Journal

Dragon island geography

Dragon island is home to all dragons, creatures and old culture, now, I will list what there is and whatnot.

City and villages.
Dragon city: Dragon city is located somewhere middle in of main island, big city of dragons and other creatures, filled with culture. Dragon council´s home is located in Great Dragon Hall that is located in highest building in city. Tribes are located across the island. One of known cheetah villages is located in Valley of Avaral.
Places to visit.

  • Eating Wyvern restaurant.
  • Dragon city´s library.
  • Pillow Inn.
  • Great Dragon Hall.
  • Hall of Heroes.
  • Ruins of Warfang.
  • Siamu´s Pastry.

Artisan home: Artisans are dragons who are fond to arts and crafts, along poetry and other literature. They live near warm Sunny Flight and Town Square and Dark Hollows that is acting as their library.
Leader: Nestor.
Elder: Astor.
Other members: Delbin, Tomas, Argus, Lindar, Gildas, Gavin, Albin, Oswin, Darius, Nils, Devlin, Alvar, Thor and Nevin.
Fodder: Sheeps, frogs and chickens.

Peacekeeper home: Peacekeepers live above sand dragons, they keep peace on desert mainly, Cliff Town and their main home is located in south of Sun Desert. Night Flight is located in west coast of desert, in east is Dry Canyon that leads below to Ice Cavern.
Leader: Titan.
Elders: Ivor and Asher.
Other members: Magnus, Gunnar, Conan, Boris, Maximos, Enzo, Halvor, Marco, Ulric, Todor, Andor, Ragnar and Trondo.
Fodder: Rabbits, lizards and bats.

Magic Crafter home: Magic Crafters are dragons who live in northeast mountain range, they are dragons who are more into magic than any other dragon. They live lower parts of Wizard Peak and High Caves. Alpine Ridge is in same level as their main area. Crystal Flight is located in other side of mountains. There is Druids too, but Magic Crafters ignore them mostly except if they start to cause problems to them.
Leader: Cosmos.
Elders: Boldar and Altair.
Other members: Zantor, Zane, Eldrid, Kelvin, Zander, Cyrus, Ajax, Cedric, Jarvis, Hexus and Lucas.
Fodder: Goat sheeps and sheeps.

Beast Maker home: Beast Maker dragons live near Paitini Swamp, they have unsettling look on themselves but they are soft just like others, of course they can and will fight if they feel threated. They live mostly below Tree Tops. Spending their time in Terrace Village and Misty Bogs´s murky waters. Wild Flight is located behind Paitini Swamp.
Leader: Bruno.
Elders: Damon and Zeke.
Other members: Cleetus, Claude, Cyprin, Rosco, Bubba, Isaak, Lyle, Jed and Sadiki.
Fodder: Chickens.

Dream Weaver home: Dream Weavers live high above island, higher that wind dragons. They protect people from nightmares, keeping them trapped in Dark Passage and Haunted Towers. They love to rest in Lofty Castle during time when they aren´t needed. Icy Flight is located below them, their home is above sea, somewhere near Dante´s Freezer.
Leader: Lateef.
Elders: Azizi, Bakari, Baruti and Revilo.
Other members: Zikomo, Mazi, Kasiya, Apara, Obasi, Mudada, Useni, Kosoko, Lutalo, Copano and Unika.
Fodder: Mushrooms.

Purple dragon village: Purple dragon village is located at north east from Dragon city, neart stone hill called Dragonfang, it´s small village with few huts and cave filled with Spirit Gems. Their ancestors consisted three purple dragons, Darkscale and mates of Huohvanainen.
Current chief: Pherese Reial.
Healer: Arijwani Museaf.
Elder: Wuth Dulsos.
Known members: Eveliina Seija Huohvanainen, Kulo the Dragon, Wildfire Huohvanainen-Dragon, ( RIP. ) Spyro Huohvanainen-Dragon, Nighteye Huohvanainen-Wilford, Redhead Schmidt-Huohvanainen, Ärhämä, Violet and Amethyst.

Water dragon village: Water dragon village is located at east side of island, depths of Dragon Sea, village is build in underwater ruins, they are one of most spreaded dragons in island, able to live in Dante´s Freezer´s waters. Their ancestor was Coralfan.
Current chief: Thale Penina.
Healer: Ahidrano Alga.
Elder: Okaaz Qarah Riin.
Known members: Chef Samaki Rasa, Samudra Navige and Sagari.

Ice dragon village: Ice dragon village is located at north from main island in Dante´s Freezer´s south coast called Coldwind, they live in ice caves they digged, staying away from fortress that is full of undead and Wraiths. They live alongside with water dragons. Their ancestor was Blizzardhorn.
Current chief: Ysige Visulka.
Healer: Hivern Breen.
Elder: Folus Strunmah.
Known members: Chef Samaki Rasa, Achisanu Rasa, Frost Krah, Krah Frozenheart, Kiona, Beredo, Coldra, Aisa Difensur, Bissthalan, Hydrax, Perisher, Fayveer and Cyril.

Sand dragon village: Sand dragons live under Sun Desert, it´s size of desert of itself but almost half of it´s mining area and underground lake. Sun Desert is most northest place in main island. Their ancestor was Sandwind.
Current chief: Jangwa Jua.
Healer: Fasika Shams.
Elder: Kirt Frin.

Forest dragon village: Forest dragon village is located in Serangga Jungle, located at south of main island, they live in Great Tree that is biggest tree in jungle. Their ancestor was Leaftail.
Current chief: Gullash Lignum.
Healer: Karepe Faka.
Elder: Fuhil Troz.
Known members: Cook Meroho "Thorn" Ghaba, Arantza Ghaba, Raumati Flowerback, Floreo and Greenbloom.

Bird dragon village: Bird dragons live in Vorona Mountain that is located middle of Serangga Jungle, it´s large cavern system filled with many dragons with bird like look and feathery wings. One of known bird dragons, Noir hatched in Vorona. Their ancestor was Feathercrest.
Current chief: Merak Masiba.
Healer: Manu Vavany.
Elder: Proviz Lokraan.
Known members: Dr. Coruja "Nocturnal" Eyewing, Farbe "Storyteller", Vistosa and Amarillo.

Stinger dragon village: Stinger dragons live in cave in Serangga jungle, they are dragons that look like wasps, bumblebees and bees, chieftain is only who has actual tail and pupils. Guards eat only meat while young future chieftain eats honey based food. They may look scary but they are kind just like other dragons. They make best honey treats and Serangga Brandy. Their ancestor was Honeybarb.
Current chieftain: Erregina Malab.
Healer: Pi Rahiq.
Elder: Malnin Pusojur.

Ant dragon village: Ant dragons live deeps under Serangga Jungle. They are mix of ants and termites. Chieftain being mix of both. Soldiers are termite like and ant like workers. Their ancestor was Carrierwing.
Current chieftain: Puawai Vaitaimi.
Healer: Sanker Arbeider.
Elder: Klav Gosvahklav.

Insect dragon village: Insect dragons are mixt of different insects unlike ant and stinger dragons. They can be mantis, spiders, fireflies, flies, dragonflies, butterflies, etc. They life on surface of Serangga jungle. Their ancestor was Flashtail.
Current chief: Sard Diri.
Current chieftain: Mawu Durim.
Healer: Kowhatu Labra.
Elder: Pusojur Motag.

Rainbow dragon village: Rainbow dragons live in most southest part of main island, Rainbow Dragon Lagoon, at south of Serangga Jungle, home to many other dragons as well, this was home of Pelangi once. Their ancestor was Rainbowpainter.
Current chief: Agba Duha.
Current chieftain: Xita Duha.
Healer: Musha Qatira.
Elder: Nahsek Fuhin.
Known members: Artist Irangi Colorwing and Farbe "Storyteller".

Fire dragon village: Fire dragons live in Burned Lands, they use their forging skills to make strong armors and weapons as mine minerals and ores. Their ancestor was Firefang.
Current chief: Neraka Qarax.
Healer: Api Puka.
Elder: Ausul Yolstrunmah.
Known members: Chef Pedas Mulak, Ginna Mulak, Inferno Phoenixfire, Maguma, Ignis Enkii, Punaha Strongfire, Flamera, Lavaclaw, Makimaki, Dragsooth, Malak, Ishlandur, Berylsythe and Ignitus.

Electricity dragon village: Electricity dragons live in Concurrent Skies, located far in northwest in main island, they are ones who keeps storms in check in place. Their ancestor was Stormwave.
Current chief: Voltan Simile.
Healer: Guruh Dawl.
Elder: Ruzaak Rimalz.
Known members: Dr. Ealim "Saintis" Tasertail, Blitz Tasertail, Ribut Tasertail, Uila Thunderwing, Voltaris, Voltacus, Verde Difensur, Icklemar, Penagar, Angtor, Zygoren and Volteer.

Earth dragon village: Earth dragon village is located Munitions Forge along Manweersmalls, using their great strenght to shatter the volcanic rock they can dig up high-quality ores. Their ancestor was Earthwaker.
Current chief: Darat Masso.
Healer: Tanah Lumpur.
Elder: Golt Thok.
Known members: Sakhra Clubtail, Dunia, Miridi, Tremor, Tereno, Hargen, Yangdrithis, Kytheron, Thraklor and Terrador.

Wind dragon village: Wind dragons live high in island, near the Tall Plains, called Rivotra Islands, floating islands, holding ancient buildings where they make their homes, they along water and electricity dragons can create harsh storms. They are best fliers of all dragons. Their ancestor was Windrider.
Current chief: Agaar Angin.
Healer: Buffu Awan.
Elder: Morwuld Lok.
Known members: Artist Irangi Colorwing.

Poison dragon village: Located in far in northeast in Paitini Swamp, located behind Ancient Grove they eat poisonous mushrooms, plants and frogs to strenghten their poison. Their element is deadly but their scales are safe to touch. Their ancestor was Toxicfang.
Current chief: Dar Beracun.
Healer: Maut Jahitan.
Elder: Viidost Dilos.
Known members: Azido Blackstripes Zahira Blackstripes, Chefo Pokeweed, Tossina, Zehir Carne, Racun Difensur, Harar Endacak, Rayas, Madax and Dorn.

Fear dragon village: Fear dragons live in southwest in underground caverns called Leaga Cavern along black dragons. Their ancestor was Dreadeye.
Current chieftain: Hofu Fefe.
Healer: Shibiri Popole.
Elder: Faas Marzaan.
Known members: Baker Siamu Alamo, Shibiri Alamo and Lemeri Crimsonwing.

Black dragon village: Black dragons live in southwest in underground caverns called Leage Cavern along fear dragons. Their ancestor was Redwing.
Current chieftain: Vaitusi Hitam.
Healer: Gisher Pogisa.
Elder: Vokun Ved.
Known members: Cynder, Midnight, Tesifa, Kunguru Inkscale and Iswed Sudac.

Crystal dragon village: Crystal dragons live at east from Dragon city, in Krist Cave, full of crystals and other jewels. They are know to make fine jewerly. Three members were said to be creators of Spirit Gems orginally, Alsiha created red health gems, Singa created green mana gems and Farad blue gems. Their ancestor was Rubyclaw.
Current chief: Nilam Parlaq.
Current chieftain: Robina Parlaq.
Healer: Urupara Lesk.
Elder: Faziigolz Viin.

Gold dragon village: Village is located near Krist Cave, they live in Dahab Cave, full of gold ore to mine that they mine. They work alongside with crystal dragons when making jewerly. Their ancestor was Goldwing.
Current chief: Voski Siewja.
Current chieftain: Lanu Siewja.
Healer: Makutu Moni.
Elder: Yuvon Kerf.
Known members: Gula Fariik.

Star dragon village: This village is very peculiar, it´s not located in island but far in space. In place called Cosmic Helligdom.
They live in solitary very much and they go to earth to die when old. They are seen as shooting stars, when this happens, Star Dust falls to Dragon island, this is used in decorations and clothing It´s said that two of their members Zella and Adrano created Celestial Moons. Star dragons too created Convexity. Their ancestor did live on island. Their ancestor was Startail.
Current chief: Kintana Nafasi.
Current healer: Piko Marama.
Elder: Ronah Fil Kahliir.
Known members: Wizard Alkunia Crescent.

Musim island.
Musim island is located in south part of main island, containing Summer Forest that hides beautiful Glimmer, Idol Springs, Hurricos, Aquaria Towers. Sunny Beach and Ocean Speedway are located in north of Musim island.
Autumn Plains is located middle of island, Skelos Badlands and Zephyr are in middle of area along Fracture Hills and Magma Cones and Shady Oasis. Metro Speeday is located in west side of island. Crystal Glacier and Icy Speedway is located in southeast, near Winter Tundra.
Winter Tundra is south part of Musim island, Mystic Marsh, Robotica Farms and Metropolis are located between Plains and Tundra. Cloud Temple is located high above mountain. Canyon Speedway is resting below mountain.

Hari island.
Hari island is located in southwest from main island. Sunrise Spring, Sunny Villa and Sheila´s Alps are located west and northwest. Cloud Spires is located high above Alps. Molten Crater is resting below alps near Seashell Shore and Mushroom Speedway.
Midday Gardens is located in middle of island, Spooky Swamps is near Sunrise Spring, leading to Sgt. Byrd´s Base. Icy Peak and Enchanted Towers are located in north part of island while Bamboo Terrace is located in middle and Country Speedway taking over east area.
Evening Lake takes over southeast part of island. High above its cold mountains are Bentley´s Outpost, Frozen Altars resting lower. Charmed Ridge is located near the Outpost and Altars.
At very southeast of island rests Lost Fleet. Honey Speedway is located near Fleet while Fireworks Factory is located near main area, Evening Lake itself.
Midnight Mountain is located in northeast of island, Crystal Islands are located above in mountain while Agent 9´s Lab rests down of mountain, near the sea. Desert Ruins too is located below Mountain, leading to Haunted Tombs. Dino Mines is located near Ruins. And Harbor Speedway is in north coast.

Tarakona island.
Tarakona island is located in south from main island, in middle of island you get to all various locations, in north shore lies Luau Island. Near central is mountain area, high above stands Dragonfly Dojo, even higher is Cloud 9. West of island is taken over by Crop Circle Country, middle of central and south is location for Jurassic Jungle. East side of has Honey Marsh, at south from central is desert area with Thieves Den and at very south at high in cold mountains is great Monkey Monastery.

Plant life.
There is many plants, fungus and such that are known to grown in island, Winter Flower, Dragon Flower and Ancestor Flower. Second is used in Dragon liquor.
Ancient Dragonfruit is big dragonfruit that grows in trees, used in healing salve potions and can be eaten as they are, they are poisonous to those who aren´t from Dragon island nor carry their genes.
Dragon Herb is used in basic potions and in foods as spice.
Healing Herb is used to cure fatal diseases or wounds.
Healer´s Flower is used to cure deadly and rare Dragon Plague.
Nulberry is used to cure Frenzy Virus, Shifa Berry is used in antidote to cure poison wyvern´s poisoning.
Fred Moss is used to treat volcano wyvern´s poison, growing in cold places, those beings Dante´s Freezer, Ice Cavern, Icy Speedway´s terrain, Winter Tundra, Bentley´s Outpost and Frozen Altars.
Rovente Mushroom cures ice wyvern´s poison, Mushroom grows in hot places, these include Burned Lands, Munitions Forge, Magma Crater, Sun Desert, Magma Cones, Shady Oasis, Desert Ruins, Skelos Badlands and Dry Canyon.
Yomile Root is harvested from Yomile Lotus, it is used to treat sea wyvern´s poisoning. Lotus grows anywhere as long as there is water, these places are Rainbow Dragon Lagoon, Paitini Swamp Misty Bogs, Mystic Marsh, Spooky Swamps, Sunrise Springs, Midday Gardens, Evening Lake, Summer Forest, Idol Springs, and Aquaria Towers.

There is many animals that live on earth too, deers, different birds, lizards, snakes, etc.... but there is some special cases aswell, Leaper Lizards and Moncaws, both can be tame as pets, Lizards are used as riderable creatures.
Moncaw can speak like people and are almost smart as them. Many animals are more intelligence due Leaftail´s blessing that he gave before he died, good example is Goldbeak, Eve´s pet bald eagle. Rainbow Bug is used to create more vibrant and colorful objects and are used in fireworks aswell.

Island is full of regular animals but it has some special cases in fishes, Volcano Eel, Dragon Salmon and Dragon Bass.

Culture and food.
Dragons feast on Sanguinmen, made of cooked meat and boiled blood.
Dragon Soup is made of meat, Shifa Berries and dragon fruits. It´s spiced up with Rovento Mushroom.
Fiery Special is dish that is very spicy, meaty stew with Rovento Mushroom, chili, jalapeno oregano, pepper and garlic.
Dragon Shish Kebab is mildly spiced meaty kebab, using Sanguimen´s meat in dish.
There is two known patries they eat, Sweetfang and Owl Pie that is shaped like owl´s face.

When it comes to drinks, don´t except alcohol as dragons can´t get drunk.
They make Dragon Liquor from Dragon Flower and come in tastes.
Serangga Brandy is made of honey of Grand Flower and dragonfruit.
Wyvern´s Wine is made from venom of wyvern that is harmless and different fruits.
Avaral Ale is made from basic ale ingredients and Shifa Berries, minus alcohol.
Fire Dragon Cider is strongest and spiciest of them all, using Rovente Mushroom and pepper in it.

Their culture is vast and they can speak many human languages.

Dragon mates strengthen their bonds dancing, flying or mating as they are ways to be close each other and test their trust.
Dragons bond and mate for life most of time and families are very caring and can be multi-generational. Male pairs aren´t uncommon either and can raise hatchlings or eggs from Dragon Temple.

They pair up either regular dating or during mating season in Valley of Avaral. They engage offering crystal that is matching to scale color of that they will ask. Shards are removed from it and made to necklaces.

When dragon has died, they are burned in Dragon city, their ashes are thrown in wind, asking Windrider´s spirit to spread them across the island to give new life to nature.

Stories and songs.

  • Dragon Hero comes. ( Song. )
  • Tale of Roarers. ( Song. )
  • Age of Dominion. ( Song. )
  • Age of Hostility. ( Song. )
  • Dragon city. ( Song. )
  • Hush little hatchling. ( Song. )
  • Tale of three purples dragons. ( Story. )
  • Dragons and Altmer ( Story. )
  • Fight of light and darkness. ( Story. )
  • Scavengers. ( Story. )


  • Dragon spear. Owner: Darkscale, formely. Dark Eveliina, currently.
  • Dragon Seashell Flute. Owner: Coralfan. Effects, depending on colors of feathers: White, able to calm down hostile creatures, purify corrupted and calm down body. Green, able to heal injured who hears it. Dark green, powering and giving live to nature. Red, able to ease pain.
  • Staff of Huohvanainen.
  • Hero´s sword. Owner: Dragon Hero.

Gods of light and darkness.
Atarangi, god of darkness is more known than Argia. He believed to be only a story, rather than real being that lurks in shadows, he is able to corrupt those who give into his tempations.
Argia, god of light is mere myth, not many speak about him but that doesn´t mean he is forgotten. He guards light and goodness in realm light.

When dragon dies, they end to Dreki Dalur, endless valley with vast forests, high mountains and unlimited lands to hunt. In center is Hall of Feast where they feast and drink. But, worthy dragon may end to White Isle and take place as Chronicler. Some people who have deep connection to dragons end to Dalur instead their own heaven. Each time when dragon dies, new page is added to Book of Fallen.

O ancestors, who made dragon and dragon´s open sky and gave me a dragon´s soul.
Dragon´s urge to to fly, let me dance within your cloudscapes far beyond earth´s chain, let me rejoice in my grandeur, let me not grow vain.
Let me vindicate my honor with my fang and claw. Let my raging heart show mercy, let that show no flaw.
Let me have the joy of all the shining gold I´ve stored. Let no pauper dragon go forth starving my hoard.
And ancestors, should the need arise and I be called to fight. Ancestors, make me victor and ancestors, help that who tries to win me.

Words of fire.
Feel the fire that flows through your veins.
Allow its heat to consume you and breathe with it.
Now, rise up and release the firestorm within you!

Words of electricity.
A flash of lightning is born of the and its tempers, you must learn to control your own emotions if you are to tame the free spirit of electricity.
Surrender to its erratic nature.
Allow its energy to charge through your body and anticipate its movement.
Then unleash it... willingly.

Words of ice.
Do not let fire control you. There are other elements at play here.
The power of ice also moves through you, just as the chilled winds whip through your wing. Let it.... expand!

Words of earth.
Be steady and use the power of the earth to feel your way.
The power of earth and nature is a mighty one.
For as the earth moves, so does everything in it, be mindful as you wield it.

Diseases, poisonings, conditions and cures.

  • Dracne, acting like acne, rare. It can be cured with keeping scales clean. Occurs with young dragons.
  • Dragon Flu, rare but lethal. It´s like flu but much worse, weakening the sick, can be cured with Ancient Dragonfruit drink or Healing Herb potion.
  • Frenzy Virus, this condition drives dragon in madness, attacking anything and everyone. It´s rare. Victim´s scales turn darker and eyes turn red, as their voice sound shirll and harsh. It´s can be cured with Nulberry juice, injected with victim´s bloodstream.
  • Dragon Pox, it´s like regural pox but dragon loses their ability use elements and are in exhausted state. Can be cured with rest and earthworms.
  • Dragon Plague, like plague but rarer and very deadly, it can be cured with Healer´s Flower potion.
  • Dragon Flea, Dragon Flea is annoying bug that shows up on dragon scales, causing annoying itching feeling, making victim ruin their scales during that. To get rid of these pesk is warm and long bath.
  • Mole Flea, Mole Flea is rare variant/cousin of Dragon Flea, showing up on moles, cheetahs, Atlawas, Manweersmalls and dragons who have fur or feather, symptons and treatment is same as with Dragon Flea.
  • Dragon Measles, Dragon Measles weakens sick, diseases doens´t kill but makes them visit near the dead. Act otherwise like measles, it can be cured with rest or with Ancient Dragonfruit.
  • Poison wyvern poisoning, poison wyverns purely poison their prey and foes, alpha´s being stronger and faster in killing poor target. Antidote requires poison dragon scales and Shifa Berries.
  • Volcano wyvern poisoning, this wyvern´s poison causes feeling that victim is burning inside, that their organs are fire, making them easy prey as distracked due pain. It´s cured using Fred Moss or trying to keep victim cool as possible.
  • Ice wyvern poisoning, this wyvern´s poison can freeze victim´s bloodstream, causing them die to very much to hypothermia, if not mauled to death first. Cure is in Rovente Mushroom or keeping victim warm as possible, using ways like hotsprings to do it.
  • Sea wyvern poisoning, this poison affect´s victim´s lungs, making them think that they are drowing while poison is sealing their lungs. Cure is made from Yomile Root that is harvested from Yomile Lotus, other way is trying to keep victim´s lungs free.

Phrases insults and words.

  • May ancestors look after you, may they look after of us all.
  • Sky above, roar within.
  • May colder winds lead you to warmer desert.
  • Dragon island belongs to islanders.
  • Pawful.( Handful. )
  • Paw sandwich. ( Knuckle sandwich. )
  • Are you pulling my tail? ( Are you pulling my leg? )
  • Hornhead.
  • Over-grown lizard.
  • Wyvern.
  • Ape. ( Insult as for weakling. )
  • You are as slow as Snail Rider´s snail. ( Insult for slow ones. )
  • You move like Rubble Brute. ( Insult for clumsy ones. )
  • By my ancestors.
  • For Chronicler´s sake.
  • What in my ancestor´s name?
  • By Firefang.
  • By Stormwave.
  • By Blizzardhorn.
  • By Earthwaker.
  • By Coralfan.
  • By Windrider.
  • By Sandwind.
  • By Leaftail.
  • By Honeybarb.
  • By Dreadeye.
  • By Redwing.
  • By Rubyclaw.
  • By Goldwing.
  • By Startail.
  • By Rainbowpainter.
  • By Feathercrest.
  • By Carrierwing.
  • By Flashtail.
  • Grublin face. ( Insulting someone´s face. )
  • Troll breath. ( Insulting someone´s breath. )
  • Gnorc brain. ( Insulting someone´s intelligence. )
  • Royal scales. ( Purple dragons. )
  • Fruit eaters. ( Forest dragons. )
  • Odd wing. ( Stinger, ant and insect dragons. )
  • Feather wing. ( Bird dragons. )
  • Hot scales. ( Fire dragons. )
  • Fish eater. ( Water dragons. )
  • Workaholic. ( Artisans. )
  • Stirrer. ( Peacekeepers. )
  • Tuug. ( Calling someone thief. )
  • Nest Raider. ( Calling someone thief. )
  • Whining Death Hound. ( Calling someone crybaby. )
  • Frogweed. ( Insult or calling someone nuisance or irritating. )
  • Pawlicker. ( Calling someone bootlicker. )
  • Tail kisser. ( Calling someone ass kisser. )
  • Lazy tail. ( Calling someone lazy. )

Houses and organizations.

  • House of Huohvanainen.
  • House of Difensur.
  • House of Endacak.
  • House of Stormwing.
  • House of Silverclaw.
  • Viciousclaw clan.
  • Outcast.
  • Tuug Brotherhood.
  • Warrior Guild.
  • Dragon council.
  • Dragon city´s Modernization Science and Technology Academy.
  • Dragon Guards.

Other relatives.

  • Forest wyverns.
  • Volcano wyverns.
  • Sea wyverns.
  • Desert wyverns.
  • Ice wyverns.
  • Poison wyverns. Drakes.
  • Black drakes.
  • Red drakes.
  • Light blue drakes.
  • Green drakes.


  • Outcast live in Stramba island, located far in west from main island.
  • Council´s chairman is black dragon called Iswed.
  • When there is emergency meeting needed in Great Dragon Hall, there will be Argent Red Comet flying across the sky both in island and earth, telling that there is an emergency meeting.
  • Temple of Huohvanainen is located in highest mountain in island called Suaka mountain.
  • At earth is located Huohvanainen´s family graveyard, in snowy, cold mountain called Whitefang.
  • In Alaska is located Pure Ma mountain, and Pure Ma´s Praying Dragon statue is located on peak of it.
  • Dragon´s heaven is known as Dreki Dalur.
  • There is some dragons that don´t have exact typing, element or tribe.
  • Their currency is called Dragon coin one gold is worth of 50, silver 10 and copper 5.
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