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3 VS 3 Emotions Tawni VS Hiruo by ratcabob

3 VS 3 Emotions Tawni VS Hiruo


1 August 2014 at 11:30:46 MDT

Offering digital black and white character emotion sheets (bust style)!

This one is a new 3-VS-3-emotion sheet choice ($20) for Licky_Lucky_Latrans of Fur Affinity.
3-VS-3-emotion sheets come with one of the emotion sets in color! Each of the 3 character sets are assigned the same emotion so they interact with each other or go "head to head", hence the "VS" term.

Character names are Tawni the bear-cat and Hiruo the hyena hybrid.

Characters belong to respective clients.
Artwork ©Ratgirl Productions

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