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12 Day Only 1st Annual Telegram Sticker YCH Sale by ratcabob

12 Day Only 1st Annual Telegram Sticker YCH Sale


Finally, for the first time ever, Ratgirl Productions is premiering Telegram YCH Stickers! ANY gender, ANY species. Stickers will feature your character's head, digitally inked and flat colored with some Xmas flair. These are mystery YCH stickers, but you don't have to buy them completely blind! Read the hint list below to know what each sticker will contain. Also, all of these are SFW. Price is $10 USD per sticker.


Order now, and be part of the sticker pack reveals (unveiling each sticker of one category per day, for 12 days) later this month!

  1. Hat | 2. Mistletoe | 3. Snow | 4. Lights | 5. Cane | 6. Reindeer | 7. Carol | 8. Stocking | 9. Elf | 10. Present | 11. Wreath | 12. Cookies

Get 1 or 2, or all 12 in the series! This sale is only live during December 1st through 12th, 2017, or until sold out, so get them while you can. Each sticker in this series has a limited number of YCH slots available, and once full, that sticker style closes.

NOTE: Reference picture(s) of your character's head are needed in order to make your YCH sticker. Please contact me directly on Telegram at the link below within 24 hours of your order to supply the ref, and secure your order. Unsecured orders after 24 hours will be refunded.

No shipping cost since you get it directly through Telegram! Reveal days are December 13th through December 24th, 2017, and the pack will update once per day, in numerical succession.

USE RIGHTS: This custom artwork comes with full personal (non-commercial) use rights to each client. Clients, please credit me as artist if you repost online, thank you. Due to the nature of Telegram, others may enjoy the stickers too, but for use in Telegram chats only. If you want to use the artwork for promotions of any sort please contact me for copyright release rate options.

Artwork ©Ratgirl Productions (ratcabob on FA, Weasyl, Tumblr, and dA)

Thanks for reading, Happy Holidays, and Merry Xmas!

Commission note: Ratgirl Productions is still closed on regular commissions due to schedule. Sale only live from December 1st through 12th, 2017, for these specified holiday sales.

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