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Baat was born of a slave couple, and much like his parents he suffered the same fate. Creatures like him are very rare, but Baat since a very young age wasn’t willing to cooperate, his bright colours and unusual looks made his masters often stay their hand when it came to punishing him for his transgressions, which allowed him plenty room to operate. Baat learned to talk his way out of trouble and to twist words until it seemed that he was on the right.

That particular trait eventually lead to his words reaching the right ears and sneaking enough coin to buy his own freedom. Once free, Baat learned combat from bandits and curs, and from them he also learned of the market hidden from the view of the commoners. He learned to navigate it and started from the bottom, doing the runs nobody wanted to do, but that paid off, as the rarest of spices and flowers all came to him to manipulate and him alone; along with an added job: freeing other slaves much like he had freed himself, buying, sometimes stealing or ‘inheriting’ following the mysterious passing of the masters.

Baat hides his true business under the guise of a traveling trinkets and textiles merchant, and his power over routes and rarities along with his crafty mind put quite the beak on him (see what I did thurr huehue). Unfortunately one day he couldn’t quite talk his way out of an argument with a local slaver that refused his offers, and the beetle threw acid on him. He blocked the blow, but his feathers practically melted off his arm on the spot. His trusty bodyguard took care of the offender, though the damage was already done.

Years later, Baat still continues his shady dealings, the wounds left by the incident healed, and while the smuggler doesn’t trully mind the looks of the aftermath, the ghost of the burning pain he felt still wakes him up in the middle of the night every now and then.

Baat is a character in WhiteMantis WhiteMantis's world of Shattered!

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    I love Baat! Awesome work on creating and fleshing him out with a superb backstory and personality.

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    I imagine him having a lady-friend (either a fling with a dancing girl or a more serious relationship, either way) and she's laying with him in bed, and they're talking, half dressed.. and she starts peeling at his bandages and getting curious, and... while he was being totally charming/relaxed/funny a moment before, he gets rather uncomfortable and pulls away from her picking at the edges of the wrap. -- It's not like his arm is a big deal, though. It's nothing that makes him despair of his life.. but still, he.. he doesn't want her to see.. not yet. He's not ready. But she coaxes him into it and he shows her and tells her the story.


    I was thinking he might react more strongly, but then I thought, noooo, he's not one to be THAT troubled by it. He probably ossiliates between feeling a bit ashamed or shy of the look of it, and thinking it makes him look badass; a whole arm's worth of scar. Because.. scars are cool, right? >_>

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      That's actually a pretty good idea! Though considering Baat himself, he's far from shy about his scars, in fact, he'd go out of his way to tell the story, the cause and exactly what happens to anyone that would dare ruffle his feathers. In truth is, given the ocation of a curious lover peeking beneath the bandages, he wouldn't really react beyond a "I hope you're ready to put that back where you found it." He does think his scarring and the full-arm bandage gives him a rugged look fit for his job, and also being 'damage' may turn away anyone with the funny idea of trapping a rare bird.

      His issues with his wound have to do more with the post-traumatic experience; which would often be triggered by having the nightmare, rather the memory of himself being attacked again with the acid. BUT scars are great, yes. Baat is just not ashamed, afraid or even disgusted about his. It was a hard lesson, but one he learned to be less mouthy and quicker to retaliate next time. :B

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    Love the colours! So magnificent~ <3