Hurricane Sandy is Knocking by rascaldormly

Hurricane Sandy is Knocking


26 February 2013 at 20:10:34 MST

I live in NJ, More specifically I live just north of Atlantic City. I work on the boardwalk in Point Beach.

The night that Sandy made landfall, I was at Tonyringtail's place as my area had been evacuated. I couldn't even get to work because it was under water. The wind was very very loud blowing across the glass and I found it very difficult to fall asleep. I constantly looked out the window across the darkness to see what was happening. There was no power or anything. Overall, it was very scarey...

I want to thank Toddlergirl for being so patient with me. Everyone make sure to give the squiggle a great big hug!!

Artwork © toddlergirl

Rascal © Me.

PS, that Raccoon plush is real, it belongs to Tony, but I steal it for cuddles when ever I sleep over!

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    I'm so glad that you were ok, I really don't like storms myself and you were in the middle of something that you have had me peeing myself for days with fear. I'm just sorry that you had to experience that hugs

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      Thank you for your concern and I feel bad I didn't reply sooner [I don't come on weasyl often but after some art was stolen I guess ill need to check here more often] The storm was crazy and I remember driving back from furfright with a convoy of emergency responders just as the winds were starting to hit nj. The jeep I was driving nearly rolled over at one point scaring the hell out of both myself and the passenger I was bringing home. I also remember when it got really bad I was 10 miles out from Tonys and doing 100+ MPH with lights and sirens. To this day it is the only time I have even gone over 100 MPH without a true and real emergency taking place.

      Overall I look back on it as an experience I can learn from. For instance I have learned that you can not rely on phones working in a disaster. Either the towers are damaged, or you have hundreds of thousands of calls being placed, killing the bandwidth. In the weeks after the storm I purchased several GMRS radios [which have since been replaced with ham and MURS radios] so that should something happen my family has a way to communicate with me when we are in a general area. I have also made emergency plans with my family so should we become separated and lose contact, we have a meeting point that is always outside of the predicted storm area. There were a lot of valuable lessons learned from the storm and I put them to practice every month. :)