Beaten But Never Defeated by raphial

Beaten But Never Defeated


16 March 2014 at 00:02:52 MDT

Vent art of my fursona with all that's going on lately...I don't do vent art much...but when I do it's damn good compared to most of my pieces. Dunno why. Lots of emotion in this, and honestly I wasn't even originally gonna be doing rain and whatnot. But I tried it when I got the idea, and especially for the first time experimenting with rain, I say I didn't do a bad job.

Anyway...I picture this scene as the aftermath behind the fight and victory against Eloe at the end of my story. The last bit of the fight is at a free fall, and right before they're to hit the ground, Raph grows his wings, forcing them to grow quicker than usual (They fall off of a sky-scraper tower). They fight some more after Eloe reveals he can do the same, but then Raph wins.

Think this is one of my favorite pictures. Nice to know my skills are improving with each art piece.

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