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A -very- much owed Thank-You to my watchers.

I'd like to happily announce to all of you lovely and wonderful people who have generously and kindly supported us through this month after the huge dilemma our ex-roomate forced onto us that we will make rent this month~ We have saved and collected funds from our supporters, random donations, commissions, and my new job. It's helped tremendously, and I cannot, cannot thank you guys enough. Come the 1st we'll pay rent, then we'll have our bills to pay. Luckily my first (And fat) paycheck will be coming up on the 4th right after that will then cover our bills and other expenses. It's a very, very good feeling to not have to worry about money anymore, or at least for the moment, with your guys' help and my new employment.

As far as my new job is concerned, the last week has royally kicked my ass! xD (Hence why I haven't been active almost at all art-wise the last week) They had me on 6-3 shifts back to back for seven days. I'm REALLY not used to getting up at 4:30am everyday, so it was a killer. Especially since I -hate- mornings (It's hard for me to get up x.x) and my job is very physically demanding. BUT~! I gotta admit, while AT my job, I have lots of fun, and don't mind the work. I'm an assembler for Lowes, building anything from simple outside chairs to full blown kitchen setups and lawnmowers. We do it all. So it's fun, but exhausting xD

Now back to what I was saying earlier...

Thank you all, especially my friends and close ones, for supporting us through this very stressful month. I honestly don't think we could have gotten by without your generous support, and to that I feel I owe you guys something. So, in return, I will be hosting a free raffle soon for a full-shaded and colored image of any kind (Yiff including). I'll host the raffle sometime in the next week or so when I get me well-deserved break from work, and stream it! So stay tuned, and you just might win some serious free art!


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    Thanks a lot for the follooooooow ;o;!

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    you still streaming?

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    How's your game/project coming along?

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      Well ever since it was abandoned by everyone I haven't done much as far as the video game goes. Since then I've been pulling resources together and getting more prepared than last time to try it again in the future. But I won't until I have more resources put together to make the project easier to get together, like concepts, lore, characters, reference sheets, and putting together the story outline.

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        I hear ya man. Every now and I end up thinkin' about your characters and story's universe from time to time. I probably said it before, it's got potential. I don't even think you need to have the story 100% done, but at least have a sturdy outline of where it goes and how it ends. I've been eyein' your recent art and it's leaps and bounds beyond what you used to produce. Keep it up.

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          Yeah, I'm trying to get at least some kind of arbitrary outline done or something simple to show the timeline and its progress. And thanks for the compliment~ It's been really, really difficult getting past this horrible art block to produce anything, let alone things that are nice xD But I'm trying to get more outlined so I can get it up and started for sure next time. Preparation man, preparation. But I'm getting there, even though life is really throwing me a monkey wrench. :/

          But a lot has changed, and I haven't seen you on Skype in ages. Did you remove me? Or have you just been offline? We should talk sometime~ You might like the changes I've made.

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            I may have ended up purging your skype name during an annual friends-list clean out, I'd like it back again though, I wouldn't mind talkin' and catching up. It'll probably have to wait at least a week though, as I'll be traveling back home tomorrow to visit with family. I won't have much online presence until afterwards.